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Lexi was kind and efficient and skillful - she really saved the day- we are so grateful
J Glasser
J G.
18:46 02 Nov 19
I called at 8am and Lex was there by 10, everyone got checked and lice removed by noon. It was so convenience to have everyone at home so I could do laundry, send emails, and keep siblings entertained while Lex worked. She was also very informative and helped us understand how to handle and prevent lice infestations. Would totally use them again!read more
Kimberly Mason
Kimberly M.
20:10 16 Oct 19
We had the best possible experience thanks to Alexis. She checked everyone in our family and then treated our daughter. I learned a ton from Alexis and what to check for moving forward. I highly recommend calling her as soon as you find the little more
Cara Taormina
Cara T.
21:11 04 Oct 19
After learning I had head lice, I went online and found Lice Charmers. Called immediately and got an appointment within 2 hours. Lex showed up on time and proceeded to clean my head! She was very informative and thorough. She is awesome! Highly recommend her!read more
carole taormina
carole T.
20:31 04 Oct 19
I went to get a haircut and was told I had head lice! After freaking out I looked online and found Lice Charmers and called right away. Got an in in home...
Gayle T.
Gayle T.
13:29 04 Oct 19
Lex is the absolute best!!!!!! She called me back at 11 pm. We got an appointment right away. She is extremely thorough!!! She was so sweet to my kids and...
Susan V.
Susan V.
13:22 28 Sep 19
Holy hannah, Lex is a LIFESAVER! Here are the top 5 reasons why I love her and this company!1. She is prompt with her communication. She emailed me back at 11pm the night I messaged her to set up an appointment, and she was able to get us in for a next day appointment!2. She saved us hours and hours of lost time at a lice clinic! I was able to cook, clean and carry on life while she worked on our family.3. She is *extremely* knowledgable about lice and gave us amazing research-based advice about how to clean the house and prevent future outbreaks.4. She stays true to her word of 30-day guarantee! Unfortunately, we suffered a second lice outbreak within the 30 days, and she came back to help us out free-of-charge. (We have since narrowed down the issue to our gym's daycare so we are officially pulling our kids from this program! Ugh!)5. We successfully used our HSA account to cover the cost!read more
Shannon Robertson
Shannon R.
06:40 25 Sep 19
Very personable and attentive. She did a thorough search and comb through plus good conversation. I felt very relaxed in an already tense situation. I feel clean and happy going to sleep tonight :) thank you lice charmers!!!read more
shannon vasilev
shannon V.
02:48 14 Sep 19
We had a great experience with Alexis and are grateful to have such a quick response for an in-home lice check and removal. She was prompt, pleasant and good. What else could we ask for?
Matt Martin
Matt M.
20:31 10 Sep 19
This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an in-home lice treatment. The technician was right on top, very proficient and super friendly. As much as one could enjoy the experience of removing nits, this was it! Thank you Lice Charmers!read more
Lucinda Salinas
Lucinda S.
05:08 10 Sep 19
Lex was super friendly and professional. This was a hard experience for my foster kids, but she made it better. She was easy to schedule with and very educated and understanding with my concerns. Having her in my home was easier than going to a salon, making it easier to care for my traumatized kiddos. She showed them compassion and respect. I am completely happy with our more
Julie Nielsen
Julie N.
18:34 09 Sep 19
Lex is very good at what she does. Very friendly at answering our questions. I would defiantly call her again! Such a stress relief to have her come to our home. Thanks Lex, you're the best!!!!
Janine Olson
Janine O.
19:21 07 Sep 19
Totally great expertise! Lex was knowledgeable and patient. She was especially great with my 4 year old who has trouble sitting still. Hoping I never have to deal with this again, but will use lice charmers if we more
Sierra Chapman
Sierra C.
18:39 04 Sep 19
So friendly and convenient!! Lex knows her stuff and is so thorough. Anyone that has ever dealt with lice time and time again knows how time consuming it can be. She allowed me time away from dealing with the tedious treatment and combing to continue on with my endless parental responsibilities and for that I am endlessly grateful!read more
Sarah Okerlund
Sarah O.
03:14 29 Aug 19
Such a great experience in such an unpleasant situation. Having Lice Charmers come to our home was easy, informative, and most importantly, effective. For...
Aubray C.
Aubray C.
17:25 26 Aug 19


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Professional Head Lice Treatment Service Near Me

Lice treatment services are operating nationwide now and for a small fee you can have one travel to your home in Lake Oswego, Oregon and get rid of lice and their eggs. Schedule an appointment by calling or booking online. A lice expert will contact you to get specifics about your family’s situation and find a time that works with your work and school schedule. If you have to wait, you can get a lice kit that will help the problem some, but they often don’t get rid of them all because of resistances that have developed.

Mobile, In-Home, Head Lice Removal Clinic

In one lice removal appointment, we’ll get rid of lice and their eggs. Lice are notoriously difficult to get rid of, even by a professional. It takes skill and patience to go through the hair methodically to remove all the nits and the adult lice. It can be done on your own, but it will take a lot of time and work and it’s an uphill battle without knowing what lice combs are good quality and the specific techniques that make success more likely. Our lice service comes to Lake Oswego, OR and can get you lice free in one appointment. Most of the time it takes about 2-3 hours to take care of a family of four.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Lake Oswego is a city rather than a lake—so it’s not to be confused with Oswego Lake—within Oregon State, eight miles from the southernmost part of Portland. It belongs to Clackamas County and snakes through the nearby counties of Washington and Multnomah. It surrounds its namesake lake, the 164-hectare or 405-acre Oswego Lake.

Lake Oswego was founded circa 1847. In 1910 came its incorporation as Oswego the Oregon State city. It served as a center for the short-lived iron mining industry of Oregon in the late 1800s. Nowadays, it serves as a Portland suburb instead. According to the 2010 nationwide census, the total population of Lake Oswego 9 years ago was 36,619. It was only a slight rise in a decade because, in the Year 2000, it instead was populated by 35,278 people.

According to the Clackamas Native Americans, the original settlers of the land, Lake Oswego’s Oswego Lake was called “Waluga” or “Wild Swan” Lake. Currently, the Lake Oswego Corporation is responsible for the expansion, management, and protection of this lake, which serves as the primary tourist attraction that epitomizes the spirit of Lake Oswego the same way the Eiffel Tower serves as the symbol of Paris in France.

The top things to do in Oswego include hiking and horseback riding at the horse trials of the forested and bio-diverse park of the Tryon Creek State Natural Area. As for Tryon Creek, it’s the place to go if you want to relax in nature, engage in recreational activities outdoors, or admire the beautiful park and garden’s splendor. Finally, there’s the Elk Rock Garden, with many scenic or panoramic views of the river amidst a historically significant English garden.


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