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Lex is incredibly discreet and professional and we felt very comfortable with her in our home. Having lice is a stressful event! She was a comfort and a calm to both my daughter and I. I’ve... recommended Lice Charmers to every parent in my child’s elementary more
Joanna temple
Joanna T.
22:39 17 Jan 20
Lex was so sweet with the kids and made the experience just about as positive as it could be. I have already recommended Lice Charmers to my friends and family.
Emily Traetow
Emily T.
02:48 13 Jan 20
Lex came over within an 1.5 hours on a Saturday night. She was great. She was so gentle with our 2.5 year old daughter. We'd absolutely recommend her.
Josh Lieberman
Josh L.
04:50 09 Jan 20
When head lice first showed up on my daughter a year ago, I didn’t know what to do. Naturally I tried the over-the-counter lice shampoo treatment first and alas, it didn’t work!  So I sent a message... to Lex at Lice Charmers one evening and she got RIGHT back to me and offered to come the next morning, to my relief.  She got rid of the lice in a single treatment and even checked me too. When lice showed up AGAIN a year later, I knew exactly who to reach out to - Lice Charmers!  Lex is professional, knowledgable, and thorough.  She is responsive, fun, and truly makes the best out of an unfortunate situation. The convenience of treatment inside the comfort of your own home is SO nice and the rates for service are fair. Having head lice is unfortunate. Having Lice Charmers come remove them from your life is the exact opposite of unfortunate; it’s a pleasure. I can’t recommend Lex and Lice Charmers enough!read more
Jessica Zutz
Jessica Z.
17:27 08 Jan 20
Easy & painless. So nice to have Lex arrive at the house! Lice Charmers will be first call if we ever get lice in the future!
Justin Youngers
Justin Y.
18:30 07 Jan 20
They were very quick to answer our texts and very helpful and friendly!
Jennifer Sahli
Jennifer S.
16:34 30 Dec 19
This was the best experience for such a hard situation. We where made to feel like everything was normal and okay. She was absolutely amazing and carried out conversations with my child to help... distract her throughout the more
Brittany Berg
Brittany B.
01:37 10 Dec 19
Lex was very easy to work with and professional. We called late in the evening and were able to get an appointment for the following morning. She arrived in a ordinary car and brought all of her own... supplies. It was much less stressful to have her come to our home then needing to go across town. She was very thorough in her work. The peace of mind from knowing our daughter was treated and cleared 💯 was worth every penny. I would highly recommend Lice more
Sarah Schauer
Sarah S.
23:06 08 Dec 19
Fast, in-home service made this process so easy. Lex was great: full of information, friendly, efficient with a tedious process, and was able to come to our house just a few hours after I contacted... her. I hope in the very best way possible that we don't have to call her in the future, but if we have a lice reappearance I'm so glad I know she's there. Highly recommend her!read more
Hannah Love
Hannah L.
22:12 08 Dec 19
I have never had nor dealt with lice before, so I called lice charmers and scheduled her to come out in the evening. She showed up and checked my hair, my son's, and then my daughter's hair who was... the only person with lice. She got all the lice, and nits out of my daughter's hair and my daughter's hair is very thick. She was very thorough and knowledgeable about lice and how to get rid of them and keep them away. I highly recommend calling her to take care of your lice problem, she also guarantees her more
Michael Krout
Michael K.
03:40 27 Nov 19
Calling Lice Charmers was a great decision. Lex was wonderful with our 3 year old as well as extremely thorough. I recommend Lice Charmers... 100%.
Billy Marlowe
Billy M.
23:26 26 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come out first thing the next morning. Lex was... very nice and worked diligently with all four of us. We felt free of lice and were much more educated than we had been about the subject. Lex even brought a fun kids book about lice. It was great not having to go anywhere to get checked and treated. Thank you so much!read more
Sarah S
Sarah S
22:21 18 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come out first thing the next morning. Lex was... very nice and worked diligently with all four of us. We felt free of lice and were much more educated than we had been about the subject. Lex even brought a fun kids book about lice. It was great not having to go anywhere to get checked and treated. Thank you so much!read more
Sarita Chandler
Sarita C.
22:18 18 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come...
Sarah S.
Sarah S.
14:20 18 Nov 19
Lexi was kind and efficient and skillful - she really saved the day- we are so grateful
J Glasser
J G.
18:46 02 Nov 19


Call or Text 503-505-6695
Call 503-505-6695
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Common Lice Topics

If you’ve caught yourself or your kids itching and it’s been going on for a couple days, it’s time to do a lice check. If your friend circle has also been talking about head lice, it’s definitely time to start looking.

You have two options when it comes to diagnosing a lice infestation: do it yourself or hire someone.

You can check yourself and your family using a professional quality lice comb or just poking around the scalp with your fingers and a good light. We have instructions in our article How to Check for Lice. Doing a very thorough check takes some skill, but mostly time. To be sure you have to check the entire scalp and that can take a professional 10-30 minutes, on average. The thicker, longer, kinkier, and coarser the hair the longer and potentially more uncomfortable it will take. Checking your kids is fairly easy. Checking yourself is very difficult and you are better off getting checked by a professional.

Professional lice checks are a great way to get the peace of mind of knowing for sure whether or not your family is dealing with lice or if the treatments you’ve previously tired worked. Most lice clinics, salon, or other services will charge a flat or hourly rate to do a head check with prices ranging between $10-$30 depending on your location.

Well, at least you know for sure now and can start taking action to get rid of them.

The best first step is deciding how much time and effort you want to spend on lice.

To be frank, getting rid of lice on your own is not a small task. There is no silver bullet that will eliminate the problem in one easy step. Many methods will work, but they all require multiple treatments, checks, and hours of combing on each person. If you are willing to give up your evenings and hours on the weekend to fight lice, more power to you.

But… unless you value your time at less than $15 an hour or are absolutely sure only one person has it and they don’t have a lot of hair or much chance to spread it, you are better off hiring a professional to get it done. I’ll explain why next.

The cost of hiring a professional lice service can range from as low as $135 for a single treatment to nearly $1000 based on how much work is needed and how urgently. Kits found at drugstore locations such as CVS, Walgreen, or Walmart cost from $15 to $50, but expect to need multiple kits and be prepared for multiple sessions of hours of combing. If price is an issue, consider using a kit, combing your family with a quality lice comb, and then getting checked by a service to see if that took care of the issue.

It can take a professional about 60-90 minutes to treat someone with shoulder length hair. An amateur can expect it to take anywhere from 2-4 hours to go over the entire head in one session. For a family of four you will have to do at least three sessions per person to have a reasonable chance of getting rid of them all, which adds up to 16-48 hours of combing. Even after all that, if your technique is not perfect and you miss one fertilized female or two nits, you might find your family itching again in 2-4 weeks.

Now for some math.

If you value your time at $15 an hour, 16 hours of combing for three sessions of coming on one person equals $240 and for four people that is 48 hours of combing which equals $720. That is 16-48 hours of your free time after work or on the weekends that you are losing to head lice treatment.

The industry average is $250-$500 to treat a family of four in a single sessions, but some places require two treatments, so keep that in mind. However, compare that to the pain of amateur lice combing, the evenings and time to yourself you are sacrificing, and the stress on your family and yourself of not being sure they are really gone and you can see why trying to do it yourself might not be worthwhile.

Nothing. It’s just a name and behind that is a marketing strategy. All of those places can get rid of lice.

In-home lice treatment is absolutely the best choice for everyone. Treatments for a family of four may be as short as two hours, but they can be five or more. Most people don’t want to spend that much time in a lice treatment location away from their home and all the comforts in it. It can be very hard for parents to keep their kids fed, happy, and entertained for that long without a temper tantrum or full-on public meltdown in a crowded lice salon. If your child has special needs and struggles with over stimulation, the home is a much safer and more soothing place to help them through what can be a challenging new experience.


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