How do you check for head lice?

Use the instructions in our guide how to check for head lice. You are going to need a number of tools and the time to check everyone in the household for head lice.

What can be mistaken for lice?

Commonly objects mistaken or misidentified as lice or lice eggs: Dandruff Dust Hair spray bits Sand Ants or other small insects Dirt Skin oil build up or sebaceous filaments

How do you tell if it’s lice or dandruff?

Lice eggs are all shaped like a tear drop, stuck on the hair with glue, don't fall off easily, are brown to off-white, and not squishy. Dandruff is usually white, loose and not stuck on the hair, falls out easily, and goes away when you use a strong shampoo.

Can lice be seen by the human eye?

Most people can see adult lice. However, if your vision is less than great, it can be very hard to tell a lice egg from dandruff, dust, or other debris. Using magnifying glass will help, and comparing what you find to the pictures and descriptions on our identifying lice guide.

Can pediatrician check for lice?

Your pediatrician may check you for lice, but it is unlikely they will do a wet check. A wet check is the most accurate way to diagnosis a lice infestation. Professional lice services will do that for you or you can try to do it yourself.