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  • We accept all FSA and HSA payments.
  • Avoid traveling to lice facility locations.
  • Top lice treatment service in Portland.
  • House calls are the quick way to get rid of lice.
  • No toxic medicine or chemical required – just professional lice combing.
  • Emergency, same day, head lice removal company – no doctor required.
  • In house and affordable nit and louse treatment specialist.
  • Get lice out of your hair for without traveling to a center
  • Fair pricing for low-cost mobile clinic.
  • No kits or product purchases required.

Lice Salons in the Portland, Oregon – Mobile and Fixed Location

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  2. The Lice Ninja
  3. Lice Knowing You
  4. LiceWise
  5. Lice Clinics of America

What Do Head Lice Look Lice?

Head lice are very small and translucent to reddish-brown in color. They have six legs and two antenna. When clinging to the hair they may look like dark oblong spots.

How Does Lice Spread?

From head to head contact such as hugging, cuddling, taking photos together, or other similar activities where one person’s hair comes in contact with another. Most often it spreads from children to their parents, especially the mother and daughters. if left untreated, it can infest the entire family.

It is very unlikely to catch lice from any objects because they can only survive off of a human head for about 24 hours before they dehydrate and die. It is possible to catch it from a hat or other head covering, but that is only in a very severe case of head lice because leaving the head is a death sentence.

Super Lice Treatment

They are super because they are resistant to conventional lice shampoos and other treatment products. They adapted to these chemicals over time and have spread across the united states. Treatment for super lice is best handled by a professional lice specialist who can take the time to comb through the hair and remove the adult lice and their nits (lice eggs).

Does Standard Health Insurance Cover Lice Treatment?

No. Conventional health insurance plans do not cover lice treatment no matter what you may read on lice company websites. However, most FSA (flexible savings accounts) and HSA (health savings accounts) will work for professional lice removal. Usually, you can pay using the debit card that was provided to you, but you may be required to get an invoice with a list of patients to authorize payment or reimbursement after the fact.

Should I See a Doctor for Lice?

Unless you are looking for a referral, paying for a doctor or pediatrician visit is not a good use of your time or money.  The reason is that most prescriptions for lice will not take care of the problem and since they are not covered by health insurance  you will be stuck paying more to get rid of lice than if you had just hired a professional. The reason for this is that these prescriptions work by poisoning your blood, which the lice eat, but it doesn’t take care of the unhatched nits. By the time they hatch the prescription will have worn off and it won’t be strong enough to kill these new lice. Unfortunately, it isn’t safe to take the prescription multiple times aso your doctor won’t be able to prescribe it again for fear of causing health complications.

Additionally, most doctors have very limited experience with head lice and won’t be able to correctly diagnose an active infestation from an inactive one.

Lice Companies

Relatively new, lice services have become the best method to get rid of lice quickly. They may call themselves salons, clinics, centers, or facilities, but they are perform the same basic service. Since they rise of pesticide resistant lice, head lice removal professionals have sprouted up across america and offer lice and nit combing and home cleaning. Even though some of these businesses are over a decade old, many parents have no heard of them, until they get lice and find out the hard way how difficult it is to eliminate.

How do you tell if I have lice or dandruff?

Dandruff is is easily removed from a hair. Lice cling to the hair and nits are securely glued and can be slid up and down the hair but do not fall off easily.

Dandruff is off-white and it’s shape varies. Lice are either translucent or reddish brown. Nits are either white or dark brown colored and always shaped like a tear drop.

Dandruff goes away with regular shampooing. Lice and nits do not.

How can you tell if you have nits?

All nits are teardrop shaped, securely connected to the hair, can slide up and down the hair but do not fall off by themselves. Nits are white or a shade of brown an easily identified with a magnifying glass.

Are lice eggs hard or soft?

Nits are hard and can be popped.

Does dandruff make your head itch?

A dry scalp makes your head itch. Dandruff is a result of dry scalp.

Can head lice live on pillows and sheets?

Lice cannot live off a human head for more than 24 hours, so no they cannot live for very long on pillows or sheets.

Can lice go away on its own?

In very rare cases, lice can go away on it’s own, but that is only if there were very few lice to begin with and they died before reproducing or their eggs did not hatch or did not hatch and live long enough reproduce.

Can hair dryers kill lice?

Yes, but it will be painfully hot and impossible to heat up every inch of scalp’s surface without a louse moving from one spot to another to escape the heat and survive.

Do lice like clean or dirty hair?

Lice like any type of hair that is connected to a human head where they can feed. You can’t clean lice away or prevent catching them by shampooing.

How do you get rid of nits fast?

Shave off all the hair or hire a professional. Otherwise, you need to use a lice comb or pick them off one by one. Either method will take hours per person for an average infestation.

How long does it take to get lice?

It takes no time at all for a louse to move from one head to another. Most people do not know they have it until they’ve been infested for about four weeks.


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