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I have never had nor dealt with lice before, so I called lice charmers and scheduled her to come out in the evening. She showed up and checked my hair, my son's, and then my daughter's hair who was... the only person with lice. She got all the lice, and nits out of my daughter's hair and my daughter's hair is very thick. She was very thorough and knowledgeable about lice and how to get rid of them and keep them away. I highly recommend calling her to take care of your lice problem, she also guarantees her work.read more
Michael Krout
Michael K.
03:40 27 Nov 19
Calling Lice Charmers was a great decision. Lex was wonderful with our 3 year old as well as extremely thorough. I recommend Lice Charmers... 100%.
Billy Marlowe
Billy M.
23:26 26 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come out first thing the next morning. Lex was... very nice and worked diligently with all four of us. We felt free of lice and were much more educated than we had been about the subject. Lex even brought a fun kids book about lice. It was great not having to go anywhere to get checked and treated. Thank you so much!read more
Sarah S
Sarah S
22:21 18 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come out first thing the next morning. Lex was... very nice and worked diligently with all four of us. We felt free of lice and were much more educated than we had been about the subject. Lex even brought a fun kids book about lice. It was great not having to go anywhere to get checked and treated. Thank you so much!read more
Sarita Chandler
Sarita C.
22:18 18 Nov 19
Definitely recommend this company! We called Lice Charmers late in the afternoon after finding out at least one of our kids had lice. They were able to come...
Sarah S.
Sarah S.
14:20 18 Nov 19
Lexi was kind and efficient and skillful - she really saved the day- we are so grateful
J Glasser
J G.
18:46 02 Nov 19
I called at 8am and Lex was there by 10, everyone got checked and lice removed by noon. It was so convenience to have everyone at home so I could do laundry, send emails, and keep siblings... entertained while Lex worked. She was also very informative and helped us understand how to handle and prevent lice infestations. Would totally use them again!read more
Kimberly Mason
Kimberly M.
20:10 16 Oct 19
We had the best possible experience thanks to Alexis. She checked everyone in our family and then treated our daughter. I learned a ton from Alexis and what to check for moving forward. I highly... recommend calling her as soon as you find the little buggers.read more
Cara Taormina
Cara T.
21:11 04 Oct 19
After learning I had head lice, I went online and found Lice Charmers. Called immediately and got an appointment within 2 hours. Lex showed up on time and proceeded to clean my head! She was very... informative and thorough. She is awesome! Highly recommend her!read more
carole taormina
carole T.
20:31 04 Oct 19
I went to get a haircut and was told I had head lice! After freaking out I looked online and found Lice Charmers and called right away. Got an in in home...
Gayle T.
Gayle T.
13:29 04 Oct 19
Lex is the absolute best!!!!!! She called me back at 11 pm. We got an appointment right away. She is extremely thorough!!! She was so sweet to my kids and...
Susan V.
Susan V.
13:22 28 Sep 19
Holy hannah, Lex is a LIFESAVER! Here are the top 5 reasons why I love her and this company!1. She is prompt with her communication. She emailed me back at 11pm the night I messaged her to set up... an appointment, and she was able to get us in for a next day appointment!2. She saved us hours and hours of lost time at a lice clinic! I was able to cook, clean and carry on life while she worked on our family.3. She is *extremely* knowledgable about lice and gave us amazing research-based advice about how to clean the house and prevent future outbreaks.4. She stays true to her word of 30-day guarantee! Unfortunately, we suffered a second lice outbreak within the 30 days, and she came back to help us out free-of-charge. (We have since narrowed down the issue to our gym's daycare so we are officially pulling our kids from this program! Ugh!)5. We successfully used our HSA account to cover the cost!read more
Shannon Robertson
Shannon R.
06:40 25 Sep 19
Very personable and attentive. She did a thorough search and comb through plus good conversation. I felt very relaxed in an already tense situation. I feel clean and happy going to sleep tonight :)... thank you lice charmers!!!read more
shannon vasilev
shannon V.
02:48 14 Sep 19
We had a great experience with Alexis and are grateful to have such a quick response for an in-home lice check and removal. She was prompt, pleasant and good. What else could we ask for?
Matt Martin
Matt M.
20:31 10 Sep 19
This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an in-home lice treatment. The technician was right on top, very proficient and super friendly. As much as one could enjoy the experience of... removing nits, this was it! Thank you Lice Charmers!read more
Lucinda Salinas
Lucinda S.
05:08 10 Sep 19


Call or Text 503-505-6695
Call 503-505-6695
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PDX is seeing a resurgence in lice infestations thanks to don’t ask don’t tell lice policies or a lack of plans in both private and public schools and other childcare services and facilities that inhibit communication and delay efforts by parents to take proactive action to have their family regularly checked when there is a lice scare going around the schools. What was a rare occurrence has become commonplace with many parents finding themselves battling head lice multiple times a year.

It’s evolution. Head lice have a very short lifecycle and over the course of thousands of generations evolution has provided them with a means to resist treatment from the shampoos and other products the previous generation used with some naivety about the potential risks of using pesticides. An increasing reliance on daycare and afterschool programs has increased the exposure children have to each other and helped spread lice far and wide.

There are many products out there but there are few reliable and effective methods to get lice free quickly. Manual lice removal involves using a lice comb to go through the hair from root to tip and take off live lice and their eggs or nits as they are called. Pesticidal prescriptions exist but cannot be used on some children and pregnant women. If you want to get rid of lice quickly and move on with your life, hire a professional service with a guarantee that if head lice come back they will re-treat you for free within a certain time frame.

Take your pick from a local lice clinic, salon, mobile or home health care service. Really it’s up to you to determine your preference for treatment. Some people value privacy over everything and for them a mobile option is the best course. In an emergency, when a kid needs to get to summer camp or there is an important business meeting or other social event, the flexible hours and convenience of a house call to take care of the problem in the same day can’t be beat.

Probably not. Many lice companies advertise that insurance will cover it, but what they mean is FSA and HSA savings accounts and not the typical health insurance you would think they are talking about. There are currently no health plan providers that cover head lice treatment from a specialist. Speak with your HSA or FSA provider to find out how to get your families treatment covered.

Visit their website, check for reviews on Yelp, Google Business, and ask for referrals from your friends. Chances are someone you know has had head lice and can give you a lot of information to save you money and time.

Call the lice company and ask if they have a guarantee, what the terms are, and what is required for treatment such as: extra appointments, product purchases, aftercare, and how they do the treatments.

How much does it cost you to miss work or pay for extra childcare on top of the daycare service your child can’t attend until they get lice free? Do the math beforehand and you might decide hiring a lice service is the best option after all. What will it cost to get enough lice kits to treat everyone at least twice and most likely three times? How many hours over how many days and weeks are you willing to spend combing through your family’s hair and your own head? A skilled lice professional can comb through an adult woman’s hair in about 60-90 minutes and that’s after years of experience learning the best methods for each hair type, length, thickness and how to minimize discomfort. And, if you don’t find a good lice comb, you are wasting your time.

A high quality lice comb has metal teeth that are at least a inch and a half long, tightly spaced, and secure to prevent bending when pulled through hair. A poor quality lice comb is plastic with plastic teeth, has unevenly spaced teeth, bends when pulled through hair, and cannot dislodge nits from their hair or get close to the scalp and it awkward to hold for the hours of combing required. A good lice comb in a skilled hand can exterminate head lice in a single combing session.

Lots of articles online trumpet the virtues of coconut oil, tea tree oil, essential oils, mayonnaise, and much more. None of these options will hurt (unless you’re allergic them), but none of them are reliable enough to get the job done in a short time frame and without long combing sessions. In some cases, where not every louse or nit is killed or removed using these natural options can make the problem last months and eventual professional treatment can be extremely costly in comparison to catching the infestation early and having it treated immediately.

People prefer natural options with good reasons. There is not a lot of data on the long term effects of some pesticide-based prescription options and many companies classify their products as supplements instead of medicine in order to avoid the prying eyes, testing, and regulation of the FDA.

If you haven’t had lice before, you might have never heard of a lice salon, clinic, or other facility. Most of these businesses are located in out sight locations because of consumers preference for privacy. Some companies offer private treatment and deal with only one family at a time while others are more like a typical hair salon and everyone is treated in one main room.

All of these businesses can take care of your lice problem. It’s just a matter of which one is the best fit for your situation and what kind of reputation do they have. Some sell products and other take home kits that you can find at your local drugstore or grocery store. In additional to their clinic location they may also travel to your place for an additional fee. Prices vary from one service to another but the average fee is $99 per hour billed in a variety of increments, most commonly every 15 minutes.

Head to head contact is the most common method to give and receive head lice. Hugs, pictures, sleepovers, playing, cuddling, all of these are good bets for head lice spreading. Lice don’t want to move very far away from the scalp, which is where they feed, so the chances of getting them from a hat, comb, stuffed animal or other object are extremely low unless the infestation is so severe that they are crowded on the head and accidentally fall or are knocked off.

There is a lot of confusion about lice vs bed bugs. Unlike bed bugs, lice cannot live off the scalp for more than 24 hours because they will dehydrate and quickly die. They cannot survive on furniture, carpet, bedding, or anything other than a human (not pet) head. Just to be safe, it’s recommended to wash your bedding after treatment just in case. All that’s necessary is to run the sheets and pillowcases through the dryer on high for 60 minutes. If you have a severe case, you can put anything that can’t be washed into trash bags for 24-48 hours. Extensive cleaning, vacuuming, dry cleaning, washing, and stressing are not necessary.

If you want to comb through the hair on your own, do your research first. There are many articles and videos online that will walk you through the process step-by-step and give you instructions on how to part the hair, minimize painful pulling from the comb, and other lice combing techniques. It is not an easy or pleasant process for most and it can be a chore to get small children to sit still for the hour or more required.

Hair type, length, and thickness can play a large part in how much time it will take. The longer, thicker, and more textured the hair the more hours you are looking at. The average session for a lice specialist takes about one hour. It’s important to understand that lice combing is a skill and you will get better at it over time but you will need to be patient and careful to get the job done because every single louse and nit must be removed or killed to ensure a successful treatment.