Lice Clinics of America Costs and Time Required for Portland, OR

All pricing info is subject to change and should be verified with the individual lice clinic.

Depending on the infestation of lice, your clinician will tell you the type of treatment that you will require to treat head lice. These lice treatment options include:


1. Lice head checks

The first and the foremost step in any head lice clinic will be the screening of your head. The clinician will first inspect your hair and scalp for possible lice infestation. If you have head lice, your they will advise a treatment plan. They will waive the screening fee for each person that purchases a hot air treatment. 


Pricing of Screening:

$25 per person( without any other service)

$15 per person with more than one person in one family. 


2. Guaranteed hot air treatment

The most popular, effective and FDA approved treatment option is the Signature AirAlle Treatment. This process involves a 30-minute AirAlle treatment, a 30 to 60-minute comb-out to remove the dead lice and eggs, and an oil application. This process makes sure that you leave lice-free without the need for any follow-up. 

You will also receive a 30-day service re-treatment policy. If the treatment fails, you will be re-treated for free. But, to qualify for the guarantee, all family and other household members must be screened and treated if necessary.


Price: $195 for a single person


3. Non-guaranteed hot air treatment

 This option of treatment is 30-minutes AirAlle service and a 10-minute comb-out to remove some of the dead lice and dehydrated eggs. If you are worried about your budget, but want the heated air treatment, and are committed to complete the additional combing and oiling options at home, the Express AirAlle Option is perfect for you. 


Price: $165 for one person. 


4. Manual comb-out treatment – not guaranteed.

 The AirAlle treatment is not recommended for children who are under four years of age and for those clients for whom the heated option is not suited. In such cases, you will need strand by strand traditional comb-out treatment for removing lice and eggs with the help of only non-toxic products. If you decide to go with this option, you are required to:


1. Buy an at-home comb-out kit,

2. 30 minutes of combing every day for the next ten days, 

3. An oil application on the 5th and 10th day

4. A paid in-clinic recheck on 11th day. 


Pricing: $95 for an hour. 1-hour minimum. $100 per hour after the first hour, billed in 15-minute increments.


5. Do it yourself lice removal kit – not guaranteed.

This is the most affordable option. Your clinic will provide all the topical treatment products that you will need, a professional lice comb, and detailed instructions on how to carry on with the comb-out process. This option requires several follow-up procedures during the next 11 days of treatment. 

This service does not offer a re-treatment policy. 

Pricing: Between $40 and $100 per treatment with different options. No guarantee.

History behind the invention of the AirAlle

The man behind the famous and highly effective AirAlle Device is Dr.Dale Clayton, a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Utah.

He was a winner of the Distinguished Innovation And Impact Award 2013. For his research, Dr.Clayton cultured lice on captive birds such as pigeons for his research at Oxford University in England. Due to the humid climate in England, he moved his science lab to the University Of Utah. During his research, he found out that it was challenging to keep the lice alive in the dry and arid climate of Utah. This discovery made him find an option that can control the infestation of lice by reducing the level of humidity near the scalp. 

Dr.Clayton spent years with his theory and tried various methods to kill head lice by way of heat and dryness. After so many tests and hard work, he invented a new device which uses hot air that dehydrates head lice and eggs when used for an exact amount of time. This device was named the Lousebuster and then eventually renamed the AirAlle.