We’re Lice Charmers: a mobile (in-home) lice removal service founded in Portland, OR.

We started this company because families should be able to be completely rid of head lice in the comfort and privacy of home.

How do we do it?

By providing a dedicated, full-time, lice removal professional for each family. A professional’s undivided attention to your family’s treatment is the best way to be sure everyone is lice-free.

Our manual combing method works for everyone and we back it up:

If you are re-exposed to lice from anywhere for 30 days, we’ll come back for free.

We don’t sell unproven products, use any hazardous chemicals, rely on gimmicky devices, or require multiple appointments.

Skip fighting traffic, skip hours in a public facility, skip giving up your time to head lice.

We come to your home, get rid of the head lice, and get you real peace of mind.

Lex & Conor – The Lice Charmers