Back in 2016, I was unhappy with my job in the Risk Management field and wanted a better lifestyle and work with real results instead of sending out emails and filing papers that didn’t seem to matter that much. During my search, I learned about the lice industry and asked my partner Lex if she would be interested in learning how to do lice removal. She was game, went off to train, and I started researching lice businesses and studying as many scientific papers about head lice and lice treatment as I could find.


What I learned was that a surprising few lice businesses were using methods backed up by current research. Many of them relied on products that didn’t have good evidence and treatment methods that took longer than necessary, relied on devices that weren’t any more effective than traditional lice combing, and used and sold products that made bold claims but didn’t deliver. I realized that this was where we could make a difference, earn a living, and feel good about what we do.

Creating Our Treatment Method

Once Lex had enough experience, we combined my research with the skills she picked up and developed a treatment method that doesn’t need devices, multiple products, allergens, or wasteful inefficiencies. Our treatments are efficient and effective because we do only what’s necessary to treat the infestation and share our knowledge freely with our clients and anyone who calls. Our lice removal has no health risks, no extra steps that pad time, or phony products, like furniture sprays or laundry detergent for lice, and we make it possible to get it done in-home with our mobile service or you can visit us at our private clinic in Beaverton

Guaranteeing Success

Our guarantee is the easiest to qualify for because we know it works, so we don’t require second appointments, extra charges, or mandatory product purchases.

Since opening in 2017, we’ve helped countless struggling parents from Corvallis to Battle Ground WA, the coast to Hood River, and everywhere in-between, eliminate head lice quickly and affordably. If you like, you can read what they have to say about us.

We know what a stressful and confusing burden lice can be and hope you’ll give us a call to get the best lice treatment in town.


Conor & Lex – The Lice Charmers

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