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You're guaranteed lice free for 30 days.In-home / mobile or private clinic appts.You're non-contagious immediately.Toxin-free treatment.No hot air devices.No aftercare required.No product purchases required.
Guaranteed lice free for 30 days.In-home / mobile appointments.Or visit our private lice clinic.Toxin-free lice removal.No aftercare.No product purchases required.No hot air devices needed.Non-contagious immediately.

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Professional Lice Removal Portland

Private Lice Clinic Appointment and Mobile Lice Treatment

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Lice Clinic Treatment Reviews

I called as soon as I heard about this company! They were very helpful in answering any questions I had. They conveniently traveled to our home. Not only was Lex quick and efficient she was educational and gave us piece of mind. By the time she left... We were lice free:) I’d highly recommend Lice Charmers!!!
Jenna Folds
Jenna Folds
We discovered lice on a family member, and immediately knew we needed a Leo to completely rid of them ASAP! We called Lice Charmers, and Lex was in our home within the hour! She completely got rid of all lice in two members of the family. She searched a few others, which were in the clear. She was very easy to talk with and very professional! Highly recommend if you live in the Portland metro area.
Lisa Volk
Lisa Volk
Lex saved us again! She is the BEST! Very prompt, gentle and kind! Our kids love her and I feel safe knowing I can count on her in such a stressful situation. She was able to see the same day I called for treatment and she drove to Gresham to help out family. Thank you so much!
Jessica Romero
Jessica Romero
Very knowledgeable and helpful! She is quick and a joy to chat with. Thank you Lex!
Bryan Kast
Bryan Kast
We are a ways out from Portland in Ridgefield WA, and thought that we might be too far out, but Lex came out just a few hours after we called. She went beyond the call staying until almost 10 pm checking our kids and all of their friends in the neighborhood. She got them all out by hand, no ongoing chemical treatment required. I highly recommend this service of you're family is exposed to Live.

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Answers from a lice treatment pro.



Appointments that fit your schedule.



Discreet arrival in an unmarked car at your home.
Or, visit our closest private lice salon.



A 30-day guarantee keeps you lice free.

Head Lice Treatment Mistakes 

  • Not getting everyone checked.
  • Miss one louse and the infestation may start over.
  • Overlooking the cost of missed school, childcare, or work.
  • Gambling on ineffective products, devices, and DIY treatments.
  • Thinking it’s gone while it continues to spread.

Professional treatment gets rid of lice quickly and for good.

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Four steps to get rid of lice for good.

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Lice Removal in the Comfort of Home

Guaranteed peace of mind that you’re completely done with head lice.
That’s the best lice treatment you can get.

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Lice Treatment Pricing

We take HSA & FSA payments.

Lice Treatment
  • Short hair $45
  • Chin length $99
  • Shoulder length $99-149
  • Longer $149+

Lice Checks
  • Short hair $10
  • Chin length $15
  • Shoulder length or longer $25+

Average costs. Treatment varies by hair thickness, texture, and infestation severity. Call for info.

  • Mobile Clinic Treatments
  • $99/hr billed in 15-minute increments
  • $60 for travel within 25 miles
  • Pay by check, credit, FSA, or HSA

  • Private Clinic Treatments
  • $99/hr billed by 15-minute portions

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Frequently Asked Lice Questions

How long does lice treatment take?

Our lice clinics average lice treatment is around 60-90 minutes for long hairstyles and 30-45 minutes for short hairstyles. Call for lice treatment options or to book an appointment at our Portland clinic.

Do you do travel for treatment outside Portland Oregon?

Yes, our mobile lice clinic travels up to 25 miles for in-home nit and lice treatment throughout Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, Clackamas, and all around Multnomah county. Our clinic is near Clackamas and we are looking to open a Vancouver location soon. Call to discuss lice removal options near you.

Is your lice clinic a locally owned Portland company?

Yes, we are a Portland founded lice service! Our mobile and private lice clinics specialize in comfortable, convenient, chemical free lice removal treatments backed up by a 30 day guarantee. Everyone dealing with lice gets a professional dedicated to their family.

Mobile or private lice clinic, which is best?

In-home professional lice treatment is a more comfortable, discreet, and convenient experience, especially large families that might take a while to treat. For children with sensory issues, knowing there is an in-home options can be a huge relief.

Our private Portland lice removal clinic is close by if you need a lice check.

Does your lice clinic use any toxic pesticides?

No, we use lice combing with a non-toxic hair oil product to remove all the bugs and viable nits/eggs. All Vancouver and Portland lice treatment services and lice clinics rely on combing to truly get the job done. Combing gets rid of super lice knowing you aren’t risking your health.

How do I treat my home?

Wash and dry your bedding on high after your appointment to kill any lice or nits/eggs. No products are required. Anything more is most likely wasted time and energy. Knowing your lice myths is crucial. Lice can’t live in or on anything other than a human head.

Have a question and want the facts about head lice treatment?
Or, call to get rid of lice knowing you are covered by our 30 day guarantee.

Call us at 503-272-1392.

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Professional Lice Removal Portland – Private Lice Treatment Clinic

No heat devices, cold devices, or electric devices required.
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