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100% Lice-Free in  1 Hour

Clinic or In-Home Lice Removal

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Mon to Sun – 7am to 8pm

9123 SE St. Helens Street, Suite 100A
Clackamas, OR 97015

Clackamas Lice Removal and Lice Treatment and lice clinic

Clackamas Lice Removal clinic

Lice removal in Clackamas Oregon. Our lice clinic is located in Clackamas OR.

Clackamas Lice Treatment

Lice treatment in Clackamas Oregon. Get rid of lice in Clackamas OR.

Head lice clinic for lice removal treatment in Clackamas Oregon.

Lice Treatment for Clackamas Oregon

Lice Removal for Clackamas


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lice removal clackamas

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Lice Clinic Treatment Reviews

Google Rating
Based on 576 reviews
Yelp Rating
Based on 12 reviews
Heidi McNeil
Heidi McNeil
Very discreet & gentle with my family. So much easier than having to deal with it on my own! So thankful this service is available!
Destinie Lachica
Destinie Lachica
This place is so amazing. I was stressed when my daughter had lice and they were so calm and answered all my questions. We called on a Saturday afternoon and she squeezed us in that same day around 5. My daughter went home lice free and with oil to take home. Would defiantly recommend.
Noelle Diaz
Noelle Diaz
Has a great experience here! Called on a weekday about 3:30 hoping to get checks for my family of 5 (including school age and toddler children) and we were able to all be fit in that afternoon/evening. It was our first experience with lice and it was helpful and informative- I feel more confident in the future now knowing what I’m looking for! Would definitely return here for swift, informative service.
Susie Petrie
Susie Petrie
Lice Charmers saved our family when we realized one of our kids had lice!!! It is not a fun experience to go through and can be very stressful. Lex was so wonderful and caring! She was responsive and helped answer all our questions and gave us peace of mind!! She helped our friends and family too when they were concerned they had been exposed. The products they sell work and we have continued to use them when other over the counter treatments clearly don’t and smell very toxic. It’s a wonderful place, and we feel lucky to know they can help if this happens again. Thank you Lice Charmers!!
Jason Young
Jason Young
Fluid experience from start to finish. Lots of tips and good experience while getting treatment. My 14 year old actually had an enjoyable experience and thought the person was “really sweet.” . Highly recommend Lice Charmers!
Heidi Dulaney
Heidi Dulaney
We were visiting friends while out of town, literally across the country when we found lice in my hair. I panicked of course and my sweet husband calmly googled and found Lice Charmers. We called and Conor was so sweet and empathetic and was able to get me in that very day. We met Lex at the office and she was so unbelievably nice. She calmed our (my) anxiety, we had great conversation and the appointment took about an hour, which was much quicker than we expected considering I have long and thick hair. This was pain free, relaxing and honestly not as big of a deal and I thought it was going to be.This service was well worth the money we spent. Thank you!

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Head Lice Treatment Mistakes 

  • Not getting everyone checked.

  • Miss one louse or two nits and the infestation can start over.
  • Overlooking the cost of missed school, childcare, or work.
  • Gambling on ineffective products, devices, and DIY treatments.
  • Thinking it’s gone while it continues to spread.
lice treatment and lice removal
lice treatment and lice removal
treatment on a young boy

Four steps to get rid of lice for good.

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