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Cedar Mill Oregon

  • Affordable in-home removal

  • No pesticides

  • No aftercare

  • No second appointments required

  • 30 Day Guarantee

  • HSA & FSA Payments Accepted

  • Affordable in-home removal

  • No pesticides

  • No aftercare

  • No second appointments required

  • 30 Day Guarantee

  • HSA & FSA Payments Accepted

When we’re done, you’re done with lice.

I called as soon as I heard about this company! They were very helpful in answering any questions I had. They conveniently traveled to our home. Not only was Lex quick and efficient she was educational and gave us piece of mind. By the time she... left... We were lice free:) I’d highly recommend Lice Charmers!!!read more
We discovered lice on a family member, and immediately knew we needed a Leo to completely rid of them ASAP! We called Lice Charmers, and Lex was in our home within the hour! She completely got rid of all lice in two members of the family. She... searched a few others, which were in the clear. She was very easy to talk with and very professional! Highly recommend if you live in the Portland metro more
Jenna Folds
Jenna Folds
Lex saved us again! She is the BEST! Very prompt, gentle and kind! Our kids love her and I feel safe knowing I can count on her in such a stressful situation. She was able to see the same day I called for treatment and she drove to Gresham to help... out family. Thank you so much!read more
Lisa Volk
Lisa Volk
No one wants to hear their child say, “I think I have lice!” But when it happens I highly recommend calling Lice Charmers! After a simple google search Saturday (@ 5:00pm) for lice treatment near us I found Lice Charmers & spoke with Lex on the... phone. She was able to come to our home in Lake Oswego the next morning & check/treat the entire family. Quick, efficient, thorough. My family is so thankful to have found Lice more
Alison Heath
Alison Heath
We had a great experience with Lice Charmers and would highly recommend them for anyone dealing with a possible infestation. Very professional, experienced, fast, and efficient. They definitely know what they're doing and are great with all kinds of... kids!read more
Leah Smith
Leah Smith
Lice Charmers got me in quickly and only charged for the time they spent with me. The service was super friendly and informative also.
Loren Chasse
Loren Chasse
When the after care program at my son's school sent an email home about lice being present on another student, I was nervous that my kids had it. I'd heard so many tales of woe around lice from my friends and didn't want to risk multiple rounds of... infestation. I wanted a professional opinion. I called Lice Charmers and spoke to Lex. She was able to see us all the same day at their SE private clinic. Prior to our appointment, she gave me advice on how to treat our home and the protocol for informing close friends and school, if necessary. When we arrived for our appointment, Lex was friendly, informative and professional. She was able to examine all three of us without causing any discomfort and in a short amount of time. It turns out that is was a false alarm but I am so glad that we went to an expert to alleviate my worries and be on the safe side. If we ever do experience a lice outbreak, I will 100% give Lex and Lice Charmers a call. I've already told my friends and coworkers about our awesome more
Cheryl Gaze
Cheryl Gaze



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  • We’re house call specialists at quick treating nits
  • Family centered, natural in home lice combing removal clinic.
  • No doctor, no kits, same day professional extermination
  • Top emergency head lice killing – in one day
  • HSA & FSA insurance accepted
  • Best effective treatment price and reviews.
  • Mobile salon services and facilities for all locations
  • Looking for hair lice cleaning businesses or companies near me?

Head lice removal for families in the Cedar Mill Oregon region. Our service travels to your home and checked and gets rid of everyone’s lice in a single session. Checks take about 5-20 minutes depending on the length, thickness, and curly of the hair. We’ll show you how to do checks on your family and what you can do to get rid of any potential problems in the home. It’s very simple when you know what you are doing to take care of the bedding and other person items in the home.

Medical Clinic

Lice Treatment

  • We’re specialists at treating nits
  • Family centered natural in home lice removal clinic.
  • No doctor, no kits, same day professional extermination
  • Top emergency head lice killing in one day
  • Best price and reviews.
  • Mobile salon services and facilities for all locations
  • Looking for hair lice businesses or companies near me?

Many people choose lice treatment products first before hiring a service. It is possible to get rid of them using products that they aren’t resistant too, but it is still a risk that treatment will fail. When treatment fails it is difficult to know and that means it’s possible to restart or continue spreading them throughout your family, friends, and your child’s daycare or school. Proper wet head lice head checks are required to be sure the infestation is eliminated and ensure treatment was successful.

Medical Center

Lice Clinic

  • Top reviewed in-home head lice service specialists.
  • Professional nit killing and lice removal mobile clinic/salon.
  • Natural combing for urgent lice salon results with no doctor required.
  • Same day, emergency extermination without leaving your place.
  • Clean hair and a quickly lice-free home in one day, for a fair treatment price.
  • No lice kit required & no traveling to a costly facilities locations.
  • FSA and HSA insurance payments accepted.
  • Cleaning tips for free – No health risking medicine.
  • American owned and locally operated.
  • Best option for private help near you.

Mobile lice clinics come to your home and get your children and everyone else lice free in one appointment. Choosing an in-home clinic saves your free time after work or on the weekend. Lice treatment can take up to 1.5 hours per person, which means that if only two people have it, then you are looking at 3 hours in retail location. This can be hard on kids that aren’t used to sitting for so long and in a stressful environment. Not to mention keeping them entertained and fed without meltdowns. Lice clinics that come to your home eliminate all that stress and prevent you from having to pack everyone up and struggle through traffic.

Family Service Center

Lice Service

  • Same day appointments for urgent results with natural lice combing.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and doctor visits.
  • Best reviewed mobile removal and hair cleaning company gets you nit free quickly.
  • Family-centered, in home, professional, salon-style treatment.
  • We accept FSA and HSA card insurance payments.
  • Mobile clinic travels to all Portland locations for quick, in one day removal.
  • Head lice house calls mean no need to travel to lice facilities.
  • Our business is getting you top ranked lice treatment, fast.

Head lice are harder than ever to treat and finding good information is difficult because we are transitioning from it being a relatively uncommon problem to something that everyone encounter. Now that there are lice services, parents can exterminate the problem in one sessions. Some services require second appointments, product purchases, or extensive self-treatment after the appointment. We don’t require any of these. Once your treatment is over, you no longer have to do anything, you’re truly lice free. Our lice service is proven effective and safe for all families.

Hair Salon

Lice Salon

  • We accept all FSA and HSA payments.
  • Avoid traveling to lice facility locations.
  • Top lice treatment service in Portland.
  • House calls are the quick way to get rid of lice.
  • No toxic medicine or chemical required – just professional lice combing.
  • Emergency, same day, head lice removal company – no doctor required.
  • In house and affordable nit and louse treatment specialist.
  • Get lice out of your hair for without traveling to a center
  • Fair pricing for low-cost mobile clinic.
  • No kits or product purchases required.

Head lice salons are a great option for taking care of a head lice problem quickly and with guaranteed results. It’s difficult to find time to take care of the problem on your own because it requires a set of skills and knowledge that many people aren’t familiar with and are too busy to learn. Even families that have had success on their own call us to have a professional go through and certify that the treatment was successful. The peace of mind is worth it to know that you can stop combing and checking every day. However, you can skip all this and preserve your free time by hiring a in-home lice salon from the get go. Decide if your time is worth spending combing evening after evening after work before choosing a lice treatment option.

cedar mill oregon

Cedar Mill Oregon

Cedar Mill is an Oregon suburban community in Portland that’s located westward of Willamette Stone and up north of Route 26. This unincorporated U.S. town is considered a census-designated site within Washington County. Cedar Mill was named after a Cedar Mill Creek sawmill that cut down western red cedars that used to be the prominent tree type of Cedar Mill until the same mill the town was named after significantly reduced their numbers and then some.

This name came about around 1874, after the U.S Post Office named Cedar Mill was itself established. The pond where the mill was located existed until the 1960s and was located near the intersecting parts of Cornell Road and the 119th Road. However, the mill itself stopped operating way back in 1891 and the remnant of its existence was the aforementioned pond. According to the 2010 national census from nearly a decade ago, Cedar Mill had about 14,546 inhabitants.

What’s more, Cedar Mill has an overall area of 9.6 square kilometers or 3.7 square miles. It’s composed of all land and little water. The Cedar Mill Creek runs its course through Cedar Mill, with it starting right at the Northwest Multnomah County neighborhood of Forest Heights. The creek then cuts right through Cedar Mill then ends up in Tualatin Hills Nature Park’s Beaverton Creek. The town’s only waterfall is appropriately called Cedar Mills Fall. It flows near JQA Young House and Cedar Mill Greenway.

There are a lot of things to do at Cedar Mill. First off, there’s the beautiful and educational museum known as Pittock Mansion at 3229 NW Pittock Drive. Going there is like stepping back into time. As for the International Rose Test Garden, it’s a park and botanical garden in one site. It’s a must-visit Portland attraction at no extra cost on your part.

You can also go to another botanical garden with an oriental twist known as the Portland Japanese Garden that’s simply amazing to behold and located at 611 Southwest Kingston Avenue. Don’t forget to go to the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium, which is like a Haunted House and horror museum all rolled into one fun-filled package. Finally, the Beaverton Night Market is a great gathering of goods and bargains galore.

Cedar Mill, OR is a census-designated place (CDP) that is a community in Washington County, sitting just north of U.S. Route 26 and just west from Willamette Stone. The town got its name from a sawmill on Cedar Mill Creek which operated from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The first post office opened in 1874. According to the 2010 Census, the community had a population of 14,546.

The first school district servicing the area was the Union School District (District 6), which opened in 1856. The first library didn’t open until 1976. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue provide First-response services, and the Beaverton Police Department provides law enforcement.

Things to Do

There are several attractions in the general area. Here are some options:

Cedar Mill Park

This park is just a half-mile away, making it within walking distance of the town square. This is a five-acre park with tennis courts and a baseball/softball field that is shared with the local elementary school. The part was recently redeveloped in 2014 utilizing funds from a 2008 bond measure. This made the park much more popular, especially considering they were able to update the walking trail that winds through the park. Picnic tables and a playground make this an excellent place for families as well.

Pittock Mansion

This area even has something for history buffs. The Pittock Mansion is located by the Oregon Zoo and is only a 5-mile drive away. It was home to Henry Pittock (1834-1919) and his wife Georgiana Burton (1845-1918), who were early owners of The Oregonian, a newspaper that is still widely circulated today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cedar Mill, OR

Q: Is Cedar Mill/Portland dangerous at night?
A: Even though Cedar Mill is considered a suburb of Portland, it isn’t dangerous at night. Of course, if you decide to venture into downtown Portland, the standard precautions will apply: always stay in well-lit areas.

Q: Is public transportation available to Cedar Mill from Portland?
A: Yes. Several lines will take you to Cedar Mill from Portland. These would include the Max Blue Line from Portland’s Moda Center, a bus line from Wildwood Park, and many other options.

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