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Excellent5.0 Based on 315 reviews fromKarin CunninghamKarin Cunningham ★★★★★ Getting lice was a less than ideal situation, but Lice Charmers in Beaverton really saved the day. Their quick, professional team, and in-home service are highly commendable. Thank you a million times!Cheryl M.Cheryl M. ★★★★★ Lice Charmers deserves a 5+ review. Noticing a family member had lice we ran down to Lice Charmers. Melanie, was calm, professional and very thorough....Lori EhleLori Ehle ★★★★★ I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to find this amazing company and know they dealt with the entire issue! Not to wonder if I got it all myself and for the reassurance they did was a comfort. As much as I hope to never have this issue again, it's great to know they are there if needed!Heather FriedmanHeather Friedman ★★★★★ I highly recommend Lice Charmers in Portland for lice removal. We had a home visit and Lexi was thorough with checking and treating. I was given a lot of information and was able to purchase medical -grade lice tools should we have to deal with this in the future.Megan CrownMegan Crown ★★★★★ Amazing experience visiting Lice Charmers. I found a louse in my hair late Friday afternoon and was able to make an appointment with Lex the next morning. She was extremely patient and gracious as I asked a million questions. Thank you SO MUCH!Anne MaddenAnne Madden ★★★★★ Lex is wonderful! I don’t recommend getting lice, but if you do, I recommend getting rid of them at Lice Charmers.Lex is thorough and great with kids. She made the process easy and as pleasant as it could be.Sarah ReuberSarah Reuber ★★★★★ Lex is thorough and kind. This was the second time we had to use the Lice Charmers service and I'm so grateful there is a service like this! It may be expensive but worth every penny to be lice free!!! Highly recommend.Amy BentonAmy Benton ★★★★★ Organized, timely, informative care. She was thorough and complete. Lice free after 1 visit! Thank you.Naomi BergNaomi Berg ★★★★★ My 16-year old & I needed a check and were able to schedule the same day we called. Lex & Melanie were very thorough, compassionate, and helped put our minds at ease! I am so grateful for their service & care—especially as a single parent!Destinie LachicaDestinie Lachica ★★★★★ This place is so amazing. I was stressed when my daughter had lice and they were so calm and answered all my questions. We called on a Saturday afternoon and she squeezed us in that same day around 5. My daughter went home lice free and with oil to take home. Would defiantly recommend.Colette NevaColette Neva ★★★★★ Fast, kind and fantastic service! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.Tamara WicklundTamara Wicklund ★★★★★ Lex was great! This is the second time we have used her service and very happy! She did great with my two boys and was able to adjust when one needed a break. Highly recommend her!Noelle DiazNoelle Diaz ★★★★★ Has a great experience here! Called on a weekday about 3:30 hoping to get checks for my family of 5 (including school age and toddler children) and we were able to all be fit in that afternoon/evening. It was our first experience with lice and it was helpful and informative- I feel more confident in the future now knowing what I’m looking for! Would definitely return here for swift, informative service.Alicia WellerAlicia Weller ★★★★★ Had been dealing with lice issues for months and finally decided to look into some professionals. Lice charmers got my daughters booked within 24 hours of calling. The gal who helped us, Lex, was AMAZING! She was thorough with every step and super patient with us. Would 10 out of 10 recommend!!Kathryn ReevesKathryn Reeves ★★★★★ My daughter is boarding in Oregon and discovered she had gotten lice from somewhere. She went to Lice Charmers and Lex took AMAZING care of her. Despite my daughter having incredibly long hair thick hair, Lex really took the time for a thorough treatment. And despite the fact that I am in another state, I was able to talk with Lex about care and follow up and any and all questions I had about lice. She was so nice and gave amazing tips and advice on the matter. She didn't brush me off or try to get off the phone. I talked with her for at least 20 minutes and she even helped me with questions on what to do and check for in our home and with my other kids, despite the fact that we are all on the other side of the USA. I'm so relieved that we had someone like her to care for my daughter away-from-home.js_loader




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Professional Head Lice Treatment Service Near Me

The most effective treatment for head lice is to hire a professional service. That is the fastest, safest, and usually guaranteed way to get rid of lice for good. Lice remedies are everywhere, but they aren’t reliable. The reason why is that they are difficult to apply and do it in such a manner to eliminate all the hatched lice and their eggs. A professional can do in one session what it would take a home remedy days or even weeks to get rid of the infestation.

Mobile, In-Home, Head Lice Removal Clinic

Head lice treatment has moved on beyond what the CDC and other medical professionals may suggest based on medical knowledge that hasn’t caught up to the situation parents are facing every day. Head lice are largely resistant to pesticide treatments and prescription options. Parents are more skeptical about those chemical-based treatments and less likely to blindly apply those to their children’s heads. We use wet-combing to do our lice checks to ensure all the lice are identified to ensure a successful treatment.

Tualatin, Oregon

Tualatin, OR

Tualatin City is a city or suburb within Oregon State that’s part of Washington County. Furthermore, part of Tualatin City is also within Clackamas County. However, the majority of its territory is situated mostly within Washington County. It’s located at Tigard’s south portion and southwest of the metropolitan part of Portland.

According to the 2010 census, the city has 26,054 residents. Tualatin City was named after a namesake river that flows across the limits of the town up north. It’s a Native American term meaning “slow” or “lethargic,” referring to the river flow. It could also mean “forked” due to the forks on the river or “treeless plain” for the plain along Tualatin’s riverbanks. On November 5, 1969, a post office was set up with the name “Tualatin,” but its spelling was altered in 1915 as “Tualatin” instead.

In what’s currently a Fred Meyer grocery store parking lot, the fossil of a mastodon was discovered and dug up in 1962. The fossil is presently displayed in all its glory at the Tualatin Public Library’s lobby. In regards to Tualatin’s tourism, here are the things tourists can do while visiting the suburb. First off, they can go to Cook Park, which comes complete with a boat ramp for boating expeditions, a playground for all the young ones, and a sports field to enjoy all sorts of sporty and outdoorsy activities.

As for the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, that’s where you can go on relaxing walks or hikes down multiple trails at this nature preserve. Meanwhile, the renowned Tualatin Community Park is different from the National Wildlife Refuge Center. It’s because it adds picnicking and playing activities to your itinerary as well as skateboarding if you’re an enthusiast of that extreme sport. There’s also Browns Ferry Park where you can also ride boats to your heart’s content like with Cook Park and admire the huge natural space and bio-diverse collection of local animals.


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