Absolutely Required: Identify who does and doesn’t have it.
Getting everyone in and close to the household professional checked for lice is the only way to know for sure who has it. If one adult female louse or two eggs containing a male and female are missed, lice will come back and spread.

Option One

Hire a professional and you will be lice free that day.
It is expensive, but most services are guaranteed.

Option Two

Make an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription.
It is very expensive and not guaranteed to work. You will need to pay for the doctor appointment, a prescription for one or two treatments for each person who has it, and then a professional lice check to ensure it is gone. There are no health insurance companies I’m aware of that cover head lice prescriptions. Prescriptions that kill adults lice and their eggs cost about $297 per treatment.

Options Three

Shave each infested person’s head. This is the cheapest, but very traumatic, way to get rid of lice.