The best treatment for lice depends on what matters most to you: price, quick results, convenience, and health risks. Here are the available options.

Lowest Cost, Most Work, Low Health Risk

Use a lice kit from the drugstore for each person in the household and manually comb through everyone’s hair daily. Eventually you will get better at it, it will hurt less, and you will get rid of lice for just the cost of a high-quality lice comb and hair conditioner.

Moderate Cost, Minimal Work, Low to No Health Risk

Hire a professional to treat you in their facility or come to your home. You will be done with lice in one day and prices average from $100-200 per person or $250-400 for a family of four depending on what service you choose and the number of people that need to be treated.

Highest Cost, Medium Work, Moderate Health Risk

Make an appointment with your doctor for a prescription for everyone that might have lice or get a lice check from a professional and then get a prescription or two for each infested person. Prescriptions that kill both adults and eggs cost about $297 for one treatment. It cannot be used on children under four and there are currently no adequate and well-controlled studies on the effects on pregnant women.