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Lice Salon Insider – How do lice spread?


Lice Salon Insider: How do lice spread? Our mobile lice salon patients are mostly preschool or elementary school-aged girls and their mothers. It is common for boys in this age group to have lice, but less likely. It is hard to say why girls and women are more likely to have it. [...]

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Lice Salon Insider: Lice Symptoms


Lice Salon Expert: Symptoms of Head Lice Even in a head lice salon, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. For example at, no, head lice are not dangerous. However, they are very contagious, and they are annoying. They are also one of the most common reasons why a child [...]

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Head Lice Salons


Head Lice Removal Salons Many parents and childcare workers are not ready to deal with this infestation and are slowly turning away the old traditional treatment methods (such as wet combing, topical pediculicides, and oral therapy) and embracing new professional lice treatment services. Head lice's increasing resistance to pyrethrin is one reason [...]

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Lice Salon Insider: Dandruff vs Head Lice


Lice Salon Insights: Dandruff or Head Lice? Often our mobile lice salon service gets texts and photos from past and prospective clients asking us to identify nits or lice. Most of the time, it's just dandruff or other debris found on the scalp. Confusing the two is understandable, but preventable with a [...]

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Lice Salon Insider Ten Facts


Lice Salon Insider: 10 Facts About Head Lice Lice salons encounter a lot of confusion among their clients regarding head lice and nits. We'll share the real facts about some common ideas about lice that we've encountered.  They can’t fly.  Lice have claws and they cling onto our hair with the help [...]

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Lice Salon FAQ


Lice Salon - Frequently Asked Questions Next: Lice Salon Insider - Lice vs Dandruff Home Resources Behind the Clients with lice Baltimore Sun: Lice Salons The Columbian: Lice and Treatments Wall Street Journal: New Ways to Fight Super Lice PubMed: Head Lice in Hair Samples [...]

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