Redmond Washington

Redmond, WA, located in the heart of King County in Washington state, is a vibrant city known for its lush parks, tech industry, and bicycle paths. Nestled between the Cascade Range and the Puget Sound, Redmond is a hub for technology enthusiasts, nature lovers, and business professionals alike. The city is home to Microsoft and Nintendo of America, contributing to its reputation as a center for innovation. Founded by Luke McRedmond in the late 19th century, Redmond has grown from a modest community to a bustling city that is an integral part of the Seattle metropolitan area. Its significance lies in its unique blend of technology, culture, and natural beauty, making it a sought-after destination for residents and visitors. Learn more about Redmond on its Redmond Wikipedia page, the Redmond city government page, and view it on Redmond Maps.

Aerial view of Redmond WA

All About Redmond Washington

Redmond WA is not just the home of tech giants; it’s a community rich in outdoor activities, cultural events, and educational opportunities. The city’s dedication to maintaining green spaces and promoting outdoor activities can be seen in its extensive park system and the annual Redmond Derby Days, a community celebration that includes a bicycle race that underscores Redmond’s title as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.” Furthermore, Redmond’s commitment to arts and culture is evident in its support for the Performing Arts Center Eastside, which hosts a variety of performances throughout the year.

Redmond Washington’s economy is robust, thanks in part to its technology sector, but also because of a diverse array of small businesses and startups that call Redmond home. The city’s strategic location close to Seattle, yet surrounded by natural beauty, offers a unique balance of urban convenience and outdoor adventure, making it an appealing place for families, professionals, and artists alike.

Map highlighting Redmond in King County

Important places in Redmond WA

Redmond is home to a plethora of significant locations, including the Microsoft Campus, a cornerstone of the city’s tech landscape, and the Redmond Town Center, offering shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the Sammamish River Trail and Marymoor Park, the largest park in Redmond, which hosts concerts, sports, and cultural events.

FAQ about Redmond Washington

What makes Redmond an attractive place for tech companies?

Redmond’s proximity to Seattle, coupled with its educated workforce and forward-thinking community, makes it an ideal location for tech companies looking for a blend of urban and suburban environments.

Can you tell me about Redmond’s education system?

Redmond boasts a highly rated education system, with public schools that rank among the best in the state, supported by a community that values education and innovation.

What are some outdoor activities in Redmond?

From cycling on the Burke-Gilman Trail to kayaking on Lake Sammamish, Redmond offers a wide range of outdoor activities suited for all ages and skill levels.

How does Redmond support the arts?

The city supports the arts through the Redmond Arts Program, which funds public art projects, and by hosting events like the Redmond Arts Festival, showcasing local and regional talent.

Neighborhoods in Redmond WA served by Lice Charmers

  • Education Hill
  • Grass Lawn
  • Overlake
  • Willows
  • Bear Creek

Redmond WA Zip Codes served by Lice Charmers

  • 98052
  • 98053
  • 98073
  • 98074

Redmond Lice Treatment Services:

Things to do in Redmond WA

Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park, known as the “King of Parks” in Redmond, offers a diverse range of activities including climbing walls, soccer fields, and spacious areas for concerts. It’s a beloved spot for dog owners thanks to its off-leash dog area and serves as a vital green space for community events, sports, and outdoor concerts, attracting visitors from all over the region.

Idylwood Park

Idylwood Park, nestled on the shores of Lake Sammamish, is a picturesque location offering a tranquil beach, playground, and picnic areas. Its boat ramp and canoe rentals make it a favorite among water enthusiasts, while the park’s scenic beauty and available amenities provide a perfect setting for family outings and social gatherings.

Farrel-McWhirter Park

Farrel-McWhirter Park is an enchanting family-friendly destination featuring barnyard animals, walking trails, and a variety of play areas including tire swings and a horse arena. It’s an ideal spot for educational programs, picnicking, and enjoying the outdoors in a farm-like setting within the city limits.

Redmond Watershed Preserve

The Redmond Watershed Preserve offers a serene escape into nature with its forested space and extensive trail network suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. This preserve is a testament to Redmond’s commitment to environmental conservation and provides a peaceful retreat for nature lovers seeking solace away from the urban hustle.

K1 Speed – Indoor Go Karts

K1 Speed in Redmond brings the thrill of indoor go-kart racing to the Pacific Northwest. Offering high-speed electric go-karts, it’s the perfect venue for enthusiasts of all skill levels seeking an adrenaline rush. Beyond racing, it serves as a corporate event venue and team-building destination, complete with food and entertainment options.

Microsoft Building 17 in Redmond

Historical Places in Redmond Washington

Red Brick Road Interpretive Sign

The Red Brick Road Interpretive Sign marks the historic site of Redmond’s early infrastructure, showcasing the city’s growth from a small community to a tech hub. This landmark provides a tangible connection to Redmond’s past, offering insights into the early days of transportation and development in the area.

Willowmoor Weir

Willowmoor Weir is significant for its role in flood management and environmental restoration in the Sammamish Valley. This historical structure is part of a larger effort to preserve and enhance the natural habitats of Redmond, demonstrating the city’s commitment to sustainability and conservation.

City of Redmond – Viewpoint Open Space

Viewpoint Open Space offers a glimpse into Redmond’s natural heritage, featuring a wooded trail that provides residents and visitors a space for reflection and recreation. This area highlights the importance of preserving green spaces amidst urban development, ensuring access to nature for future generations.

Marymoor Windmill

Although a less known gem, the Marymoor Windmill is a historical feature of Redmond’s largest park, symbolizing the agricultural past of the region. It stands as a reminder of the transition from farming communities to the modern tech-centric city Redmond is today.

The Evans House, built 1900

The Evans House, dating back to 1900, is one of Redmond’s architectural relics. It represents the residential life of early settlers and contributes to the city’s historical narrative, offering a window into the domestic environments of Redmond’s founding families.

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