Sammamish Washington

Sammamish, Washington, nestled on a plateau bordered by Lake Sammamish to the west and the Snoqualmie Valley to the east, is a vibrant community known for its scenic beauty and high quality of life. This area, important to families and outdoor enthusiasts alike, is celebrated for its parks, trails, and proximity to major tech hubs. Sammamish has seen significant development in recent years, enhancing its appeal as a suburban retreat with urban conveniences. Founded in 1999, it stands out for its commitment to preserving natural landscapes while fostering community growth. Learn more about Sammamish on its Wikipedia page, the city government page, and view it on Google Maps.

Map of Sammamish, Washington

All About Sammamish WA

Sammamish, nestled in the heart of Washington, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and suburban convenience, making it a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike. Its landscapes are characterized by lush forests, serene lakes, and panoramic views of the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains, fostering a close-knit community spirit amidst the tranquility of nature. Recent developments, including the expansion of local parks and community centers, continue to enhance the quality of life in Sammamish, ensuring it remains a vibrant community for generations to come.

Moreover, Sammamish’s strategic location provides easy access to Seattle’s urban amenities while retaining its serene, community-focused atmosphere. The area’s schools are among the best in the state, attracting families seeking a balance of educational excellence and outdoor activity. The blend of modern conveniences with natural beauty makes Sammamish a unique place to call home, embodying the best of what Washington has to offer.

Important places in Sammamish’s

Sammamish boasts several landmarks and recreational spots that contribute to its unique charm. Noteworthy locations include the Sammamish Commons, Pine Lake Park, and the expansive Soaring Eagle Regional Park, each offering a variety of activities for community engagement and outdoor adventure.

FAQ about Sammamish Washington

What makes Sammamish an ideal place to live?

Its combination of natural beauty, top-notch schools, and community-oriented lifestyle makes it one of the most desirable places in Washington.

How does Sammamish cater to outdoor enthusiasts?

With its parks, trails, and lakes, Sammamish offers endless opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and boating.

What are the recent developments in Sammamish?

Recent years have seen the addition of new parks, community centers, and improved infrastructure to support its growing population.

When was Sammamish founded, and why?

Sammamish was incorporated in 1999 to better manage its development and preserve its natural landscapes while providing for its residents.

Neighborhoods in Sammamish WA served by Lice Charmers

  • Pine Lake
  • Beaver Lake
  • Inglewood
  • Plateau
  • Sahalee

Sammamish WA Zip Codes served by Lice Charmers

  • 98074
  • 98075

Sammish Lice Treatment Services:

Things to do in Sammamish WA

Lake Sammamish State Park

Lake Sammamish State Park is a crown jewel of Sammamish, offering a wide range of recreational activities. From kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding in the summer to peaceful picnics and bird-watching, this park serves as a year-round destination for nature lovers and families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Aerial view of Lake Sammamish State Park

Pine Lake Park

Pine Lake Park is a community favorite, featuring a lake for fishing and swimming, well-maintained picnic areas, and sports facilities. It’s a perfect spot for a family outing, offering activities for all ages and stunning natural scenery to unwind and relax.

Soaring Eagle Regional Park

For those who love the tranquility of nature and the thrill of exploration, Soaring Eagle Regional Park offers miles of hiking and biking trails that meander through dense forests and open meadows, providing a serene escape and the chance to encounter local wildlife.

Big Rock Park North

Big Rock Park North stands out for its unique geological features and expansive green space. Ideal for educational outings, nature walks, and leisurely strolls, the park invites visitors to enjoy its serene environment and learn about the region’s natural history.

Big Rock Park North, Sammamish, Washington

Beaver Lake Park

Beaver Lake Park offers a tranquil setting for fishing, hiking, and picnicking, with its lush forests and peaceful lake. It’s a haven for those seeking a quiet retreat from the urban landscape, providing a space to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

Historical Places in Sammamish Washington

Pine Lake Park

As one of Sammamish’s beloved parks, Pine Lake Park is not only a center for recreation but also a piece of the area’s history. It reflects the community’s growth and its longstanding appreciation for the outdoors, serving as a gathering place for generations.

Sammamish Commons

Sammamish Commons serves as the heart of the community, hosting events and activities that bring residents together. Its history is interwoven with the development of Sammamish, representing the city’s efforts to create a unified and vibrant community.

Ebright Creek Park

Ebright Creek Park, with its natural creek and green spaces, tells the story of Sammamish’s commitment to preserving its environmental heritage. The park is a testament to the balance between development and nature conservation in the area.

Soaring Eagle Regional Park

The expansive Soaring Eagle Regional Park offers a glimpse into the area’s natural state before urbanization. Its trails and wilderness areas are remnants of the region’s history, providing a sanctuary for wildlife and a place for humans to reconnect with nature.

Idylwood Park

Located on the shores of Lake Sammamish, Idylwood Park’s beauty and recreational offerings make it a historical landmark. It showcases the importance of water-based activities in Sammamish’s culture and leisure, reflecting the area’s long-standing relationship with its natural landscapes.

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This place is so amazing. I was stressed when my daughter had lice and they were so calm and answered all my questions. We called on a Saturday afternoon and she squeezed us in that same day around 5. My daughter went home lice free and with oil to take home. Would defiantly recommend.
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Has a great experience here! Called on a weekday about 3:30 hoping to get checks for my family of 5 (including school age and toddler children) and we were able to all be fit in that afternoon/evening. It was our first experience with lice and it was helpful and informative- I feel more confident in the future now knowing what I’m looking for! Would definitely return here for swift, informative service.
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Susie Petrie
Lice Charmers saved our family when we realized one of our kids had lice!!! It is not a fun experience to go through and can be very stressful. Lex was so wonderful and caring! She was responsive and helped answer all our questions and gave us peace of mind!! She helped our friends and family too when they were concerned they had been exposed. The products they sell work and we have continued to use them when other over the counter treatments clearly don’t and smell very toxic. It’s a wonderful place, and we feel lucky to know they can help if this happens again. Thank you Lice Charmers!!
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Jason Young
Fluid experience from start to finish. Lots of tips and good experience while getting treatment. My 14 year old actually had an enjoyable experience and thought the person was “really sweet.” . Highly recommend Lice Charmers!
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Heidi Dulaney
We were visiting friends while out of town, literally across the country when we found lice in my hair. I panicked of course and my sweet husband calmly googled and found Lice Charmers. We called and Conor was so sweet and empathetic and was able to get me in that very day. We met Lex at the office and she was so unbelievably nice. She calmed our (my) anxiety, we had great conversation and the appointment took about an hour, which was much quicker than we expected considering I have long and thick hair. This was pain free, relaxing and honestly not as big of a deal and I thought it was going to be.This service was well worth the money we spent. Thank you!
Common Treatment Mistakes
  • No product or prescription can kill nits (lice eggs).

  • Miss one louse or two nits and the infestation can start over.
  • Thinking it’s gone while it continues to spread.
  • Not getting everyone checked.

  • Overlooking the cost of missing school, childcare, or work.

  • Deciding to DIY without knowing what it takes to ensure it’s gone.


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