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Transitional Living Program Austin

Recovering from addiction could be a hard nut to crack, especially when the addict decides to do it independently. And this is because of the aftereffect of staying away from substances you have been addicted to – nauseous feeling, sleeping difficulties, violent and life-threatening illnesses, abnormal functioning of the brain, to mention but a few.

Fortunately, the process of recovering from a long addiction could be eased out when you seek the help of sober professional houses and transitional living programs.

Sober houses and transitional living programs in Austin serves as a transitioning bridge from being an addict to becoming free, living a purposeful life through education, counseling, and life-changing resources.

Looking for the best transitional housing in Austin, TX? Search no more. 78704 sober living is your best bet.

At 78704, we offer a transitional living program in Austin targeted at helping you recover from your addiction, attaining sobriety, and living your best life ever through our life-changing services and resources.

Our sober housing in Austin helps you increase your chances of staying sober and living a healthier lifestyle.

While there are various sober houses in Austin, TX, we pride ourselves in having one of the holistic and result proven methods to help you attain sobriety and live your potentials to the fullest.


In Austin, TX, transitional housing generally refers to recovery centers, but we do more than that. We do not only help you recover from your addiction, but we also help you to find your purpose, live your best life, and help you live a fulfilled life day in and day out.

We believe we all can live our best life if our body, mind, and spirit are well in sync with each other. And this is why we take each of our clients on exercises, training, counseling, and teachings to align their body, mind, and soul together.

Through our ATX mentors network, we give you the access to spend an uninterrupted 30 minutes with someone who has expert knowledge of what you wish to know, someone who inspires you, someone who has done what you’d love to do. Someone who would put you through the necessary adjustments you need to make in your life, career, business, family, and relationships.

We have various resources to optimize your life and go through the daunting stage of recovery from addiction with ease and flow with the healing process. We ensure that we provide you tools that connect you to yourself, others, and the world around you.

We also understand that our breathing plays a crucial role in maximizing life’s potential. However, when done improperly, breathing leads to stress, which further leads to various kinds of ailments, putting a ban on us utilizing and maximizing our potentials.

As regards this, we teach you various breath-work techniques that help you to use your breath to clear off stagnant energies and provide you with healthy mental, physical, and spiritual health.

We are not your regular kind of living homes. Our passion is in ensuring that you recover, discover purpose, optimize your life, utilize, and maximize your potentials.

Contact 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs to speak with an addiction treatment specialist: 512-270-3142.

Transitional Living Program Austin

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