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Lice Charmers did a great job removing all lice and left us with an action plan. Best money spent to give our family a peace of mind. Quick, efficient and personable.
Emily was fantastic! She was very personable and made us feel comfortable. Service was thorough and really gave me peace of mind. Definitely recommend this place if you ever have to deal with those nasty little bugs!
Fluid experience from start to finish. Lots of tips and good experience while getting treatment. My 14 year old actually had an enjoyable experience and thought the person was “really sweet.” . Highly recommend Lice Charmers!
Emily was awesome and was able to rid my daughter of all the lice. She was extremely knowledgeable and helped me know what to do to clean out the house!Thanks Emily and Lice Charmers!
Great, friendly service and exactly what we needed to get peace of mind we were rid of all the lice. Tried home treatment first, but she still caught a few of the nits we missed and did a a thorough check of everyone in the family. Totally worth it!
Alexis was fantastic. She was super patient with our daughter, who had a pretty nasty infestation. She also was very good at explaining to and educating us about these nasty little insects.
We tried lice treatments from the store but couldn't seem to get rid of it completely and it just kept coming back. Finally I called them for lice removal and that seems to have done the job. Thanks Lice Charmers!
We were visiting friends while out of town, literally across the country when we found lice in my hair. I panicked of course and my sweet husband calmly googled and found Lice Charmers. We called and Conor was so sweet and empathetic and was able to... get me in that very day. We met Lex at the office and she was so unbelievably nice. She calmed our (my) anxiety, we had great conversation and the appointment took about an hour, which was much quicker than we expected considering I have long and thick hair. This was pain free, relaxing and honestly not as big of a deal and I thought it was going to be.This service was well worth the money we spent. Thank you!read more
This was our first head lice experience with our child. Lex, and Lice Charmers came the same day we called and quickly helped reassure us that once she left we would all be lice free. I particularly appreciated the 30 day guarantee. Lice Charmers... willingness to help guide us on best practices for what we needed to take care of in our home to ensure we wouldn't be reinfected was also such a help. Thanks so much Lice Charmers!read more
This service was so professional and so helpful. We are lice free and had a great experience getting it done!
Very kind and knowledgeable. We were seen the same day we called which was a great relief! Highly recommend!
Lex did a great job with our whole family- my mom, husband, 2 year old daughter and 3 month old son. Very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable! We hope we don't have to call on her again, but are grateful she's around in case we do in the... future! Thanks so much!read more
Lex was professional, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable about lice. She fit me in at 7:30 PM and thoroughly treated my thick hair. I highly recommend Lice...
I really can't recommend Lice Charmers enough! Lex was able to come to our home and check and treat all of us the same day. Lex has a calm and friendly approach and normalizes the whole experience to avoid major freak-outs :). Lex was amazing... with our wiggly kids (3 & 8) and very reassuring to us adults. Lice Charmers will be the first call we make next time we need help with lice!read more
Alexis was amazing, experienced, professional, and personable. She was on time and really made us feel cared for. She told us what to expect and how to proceed with the home moving forward to prevent lice from reinfesting. 10/10 would recommend this... service! Well worth the cost putting our minds at ease. Thank you Alexis!read more

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Professional Head Lice Treatment Service Near Me

Head lice treatment can be a confusing mess of options for families trying to solve a problem that is plaguing schools in the Happy Valley area. There is one option guaranteed to work and won’t require you to rearrange your life to fit in four hours in a lice salon waiting for your turn in a crowded lobby. In-home, professional level lice removal eliminates the problem and Lice Charmer’s guarantee’s you’ll all stay lice free for 30 days or we will fix it again for free. Stay home, watch a movie, make dinner, or just enjoy time with your family while we provide the full attention to your family getting rid of lice for good. We work after hours to make it easy for you.

Mobile, In-Home, Head Lice Removal Clinic

Enjoy your time at home in Happy Valley, Oregon with comfortable and effective mobile lice clinic results. You know you picked well when you speak to a professional that provides you with all the knowledge and guidance you didn’t know you needed to get lice free and stay that way. In one appointment, we get rid of lice for good. The anxiety and stress a lice infestation can cause can be solved quickly and safely. All family members are checked for lice and lice eggs, treated if they need it, and guaranteed for 30 days.

Happy Valley, Oregon

The curiously named Happy Valley, OR is part of Clackamas County in the U.S.A. 13,903 people according to the national census in 2010 in the same year. Originally named Christilla Valley, after the first residents of Happy Valley Matilda and Christian Deardorff, the city was about 2.6 square kilometers or 640 acres of land when the Deardorffs arrived back in 1851 and claimed it.

It was in 1965 that Happy Valley underwent incorporation. Throughout the decades, it remained a small town. However, that all changed in the 1990s, where it was among the fastest-growing cities in Clackamas County and Oregon State. It grew from a couple of hundred people to 4,519 people according to the 2000 Census and then 13,903 people in the 2010 Census. Tom Ellis is the mayor of Happy Valley, who’s joined by four members of the city council.

A Planning Commission also exists alongside the Citizen Traffic and Public Safety Committee and the Park Advisory or Urban Forestry Commission. Geography-wise, the city is divided by 0.10 square kilometers or 0.04 square miles of water and 21.45 square kilometers or 8.28 square miles of land. This makes about 21.55 square kilometers or 8.32 square miles of total territorial area for the ever-growing city valley.

It’s part of the metropolitan area of Portland, with its bordering Sunnyside, Pleasant Valley, Damascus, Clackamas, and Portland. Happy Valley’s highest point of 320 meters or 1,050 feet is at the Boring Lava Field’s Mount Scott, which is an extinct or inactive volcano. Another prominent geographical part of the valley is Scouters Mountain.

As for the things you can do in Happy Valley, at the Happy Valley Park, you can play sports at the sports field or attend live music series of concerts. You can also find various attractions, pools, and slides at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park. You can even indulge yourself with rustic or paved trails at the forest oasis known as Mount Talbert Nature Park. Finally, the Leach Botanical Garden is a tranquil estate that’s home to more than 2,000 plant species.


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