Professional Lice Removal & Treatment in Milwaukie, OR 

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Save time – We come to your home.

No pesticides, no aftercare, no second appointments.

Guaranteed for 30 days or we re-treat for free.

HSA & FSA payments accepted.

Lice Clinic Treatment Reviews

Google Rating
Based on 158 reviews
Yelp Rating
Based on 10 reviews
Highly recommend Lice Charmers! Lexi was a total pro and a wealth of knowledge. I truly felt her goal was to help us and educate us so that we have a better chance of not returning to her establishment. This is because she really cares and clearly loves helping people! Running a small, local business is not easy and I will refer anyone who asked to them!
They were quick and great with my girls. Very friendly and treatment worked on the first time.
I highly recommend Lice Charmers rather than any OTC treatment methods. We called in the evening and we were able to schedule a next-day appointment. Lex assisted our family and she was very kind and great to work with. Thank you!
Lex was amazing! She answered all my questions and made sure we could prevent a reinfestation. Treatment was quick and she was able to get us in quickly!
Very friendly and thorough! Gave great advice for post-treatment care. Will definitely return if we ever need the service again.Thanks!

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Completely private.
Logo-free vehicles and no uniforms.

Head Lice Treatment Mistakes 

  • Not getting everyone checked.

  • Miss one louse or two nits and the infestation can start over.
  • Overlooking the cost of missed school, childcare, or work.
  • Gambling on ineffective products, devices, and DIY treatments.
  • Thinking it’s gone while it continues to spread.

Professional lice treatment gets rid of lice quickly and for good.


Four steps to get rid of lice for good.




Answers from a lice treatment pro.




Appointments that fit your schedule.




In the comfort or home or our private clinic.




A 30-day guarantee keeps you lice free.

Lice Removal in Comfort & Privacy

Guaranteed peace of mind that you’re completely done with lice.

Professional Head Lice Treatment Service Near Me

All our completed lice treatments include a 30-day guarantee. If we check and treat everyone in the household and in close contact to the household, we can guarantee a successful treatment and will cover any cases of reinfestation within 30 days of the appointment. If you’re wondering what options are available in your area, simply google “lice removal near me” to see the different services in Milwaukie, Oregon. Some in-home head lice clinics may require enlarging the search area before they show up.

Mobile, In-Home, Head Lice Removal Clinic

The secret to successful lice removal is ensuring anyone that was exposed to lice is thoroughly checked. You can do that yourself, but a professional will be able to do it in one sitting and with much better accuracy of diagnosing if lice are present or not. If your free time is important to you, our in-home lice technicians can travel to your home, check and treat everyone in one session. No aftercare is required. No pesticides are used. Our service relies on efficient professional lice combing without any unnecessary devices or products.

Milwaukie, Oregon

Milwaukie, Oregon is partially situated in Clackamas County and Multnomah County. According to the 2010 national census for the United States, the city has 20,291 residents.

Its foundation year was 1847, right off of the Willamette River’s banks. At the time it was described by the moniker, “The Dogwood City of the West.” 1903 was the year of its incorporation. The Bing cherry—a cultivar of sweet cherry—was also created in Milwaukie.

It serves as Oregon City’s rival or competitor up the river by its founder, Lot Whitcomb. The Census Bureau of the United States of America says that the total area of Milwaukie is 12.56 square kilometers or 4.85 square miles.

0.08 square kilometers or 0.03 square miles is water and 12.48 square kilometers or 4.82 square miles is land.

In Milwaukie Oregon you can go to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area, a forest park of sorts, in order to indulge in horseback riding at the horse trails or hikes on the “human” trails to your heart’s content.

As for the Elk Rock Garden, that’s where you can observe the most scenic of views of the river while relaxing in a historic English garden for good measure. Meanwhile, the Westmoreland Park Nature Playground has a pond and sports fields for water sport and land sports action. Also, the Sellwood Riverfront Park is a green space with a boat dock for boating and safe space for your dogs as a dog park.

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