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100% Lice-Free
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Lice removal houston. Lice removal and Lice treatment.

Private lice clinic appointment and mobile lice treatment and lice checks

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Lice Clinic Treatment Reviews

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Heidi McNeil
Heidi McNeil
Very discreet & gentle with my family. So much easier than having to deal with it on my own! So thankful this service is available!
Destinie Lachica
Destinie Lachica
This place is so amazing. I was stressed when my daughter had lice and they were so calm and answered all my questions. We called on a Saturday afternoon and she squeezed us in that same day around 5. My daughter went home lice free and with oil to take home. Would defiantly recommend.
Noelle Diaz
Noelle Diaz
Has a great experience here! Called on a weekday about 3:30 hoping to get checks for my family of 5 (including school age and toddler children) and we were able to all be fit in that afternoon/evening. It was our first experience with lice and it was helpful and informative- I feel more confident in the future now knowing what I’m looking for! Would definitely return here for swift, informative service.
Susie Petrie
Susie Petrie
Lice Charmers saved our family when we realized one of our kids had lice!!! It is not a fun experience to go through and can be very stressful. Lex was so wonderful and caring! She was responsive and helped answer all our questions and gave us peace of mind!! She helped our friends and family too when they were concerned they had been exposed. The products they sell work and we have continued to use them when other over the counter treatments clearly don’t and smell very toxic. It’s a wonderful place, and we feel lucky to know they can help if this happens again. Thank you Lice Charmers!!
Jason Young
Jason Young
Fluid experience from start to finish. Lots of tips and good experience while getting treatment. My 14 year old actually had an enjoyable experience and thought the person was “really sweet.” . Highly recommend Lice Charmers!
Heidi Dulaney
Heidi Dulaney
We were visiting friends while out of town, literally across the country when we found lice in my hair. I panicked of course and my sweet husband calmly googled and found Lice Charmers. We called and Conor was so sweet and empathetic and was able to get me in that very day. We met Lex at the office and she was so unbelievably nice. She calmed our (my) anxiety, we had great conversation and the appointment took about an hour, which was much quicker than we expected considering I have long and thick hair. This was pain free, relaxing and honestly not as big of a deal and I thought it was going to be.This service was well worth the money we spent. Thank you!

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Answers from a lice treatment pro.




Appointments that fit your schedule.




Without leaving the house.




A 30-day guarantee keeps you lice free.

Head Lice Treatment Mistakes

  • Not getting everyone checked.
  • Miss one louse or two nits and the infestation can start over.
  • Overlooking the cost of missed school, childcare, or work.
  • Gambling on ineffective products, devices, and DIY treatments.
  • Thinking it’s gone while it continues to spread.

Professional treatment gets rid of lice quickly and for good.


Four steps to get rid of lice for good.

Lice Removal in the Comfort of Home

Guaranteed peace of mind that you’re
completely done with head lice.

How long does lice treatment take?

Lice treatment averages 60-90 minutes for long hairstyles and 30-45 minutes for short hair.

Do you travel for treatment outside Houston Texas?

Yes, call for a quote.

Do you use use any toxic pesticides?

No, we use manual head lice combing with a non-toxic hair oil product to remove all the bugs and viable nits.

How do I treat my home?

Wash and dry your bedding on high heat to kill lice or nits/eggs. Bag up anything else for two days.

What is the best lice treatment?

It depends on your time and budget. Hiring a professional gets it done quickly and you’re guaranteed for thirty days. Lice products and home remedies are a roll of the dice.

Call to get rid of lice with our 30 day guarantee.

(281) 606-3655.

Lice Treatment Service Houston

Mobile lice removal in Houston, Texas that is safe for your child.

  • Need lice treatment near me or lice removal near me?

Lice Removal Houston Texas

No chemicals , toxins, or pesticides are necessary. Our Houston lice removal service is a mobile clinic and travels throughout Texas to provide lice checks and lice treatment for kids in child care centers.

Lice removal service houston

Our Houston, TX home health care service is appointment only. Once all skin and hair is free from infections, children can return to school.

Houston’s head lice treatment

A lice treatment center for professional lice removal is not as comfortable for families or fits their schedule as well as a mobile or in-home head louse removal company.  Parents prefer dealing with lice removal Houston professionals. Service is available in Katy, Austin, Baytown, Houston Heights, and all nearby areas.

Get lice free in houston

Lice clinics for Houston lice removal and lice treatments provide effective non-toxic lice solutions. Find a lice place with non-toxic treatment and a guarantee in case of another lice outbreak. Professional head lice removal services can treat a head lice infestation quickly.

Lice pearland

Lice Removal Treatment

Head lice treatment must happen to prevent it from becoming a chronic conditions is toxic shampoo or other lice products treatments are overused on the head of families with head lice infestations.


Often the pricing for appointments for screening to get cleared or to get treated is just as affordable.


Lice treatment

Using a prescription or device instead of a head lice removal treatment service business for your family is a common first step. But, Houston’s lice treatment clinics services are more likely to ensure everything is removed.





Houston lice treatment

Remove all the lice eggs in TX. Lice treatment in the comfort of you TX home. Pearland Texas lice treatment appointment. Lice treatment. Lice treatment clinic in tx. Head lice treatment houston tx. Treatment for houston lice removal treatment in tx.

Lice appointment

Lice Treatment Pearland

A medical professional removes all nits, lice eggs, lice, and super lice, using a lice comb.


Lice treatment


Lice treatment

Lice treatment in houston and lice removal in houston. In areas like: katy lubbock, Remove lice in dallas houston. Head lice removal for lice treatment. Lice removal service treatment. Head lice. Houston Tx. We removal treatment head lice and no device free treatment clinic home fda approved. Treated by technician using our comb to take care of your child and removal all the lice eggs. Infestation free in TX. Head lice free child with professional in home head lice treatment appointment. Stay home and get lice treatment that comes to you.

Effective treatment services today in cypress, spring, katy, woodlands, pasadena, fort worth, bellaire, galveston, dallas, and houston. Facts about effective lice treatment and super lice removal for clients on offer from medical staff today. Pricing for treatment.



Screening treatment with no pesticides. In home treatment or locations. Call now speak with an expert. Clinics for kids kill eggs on family members using a proven, fda clearance treatment method based on scientific study of lice treatment. Professional houston lice treatment.

lice removal

Certified effective medical staff. Read clinics reviews on yelp for facts about the problem. Today, get rid of super lice in pearland. It’s easy. A screening appointment will solve the problem. Services offers are revolutionary and affordable.

lice treatment

Service, kills lice eggs, kill super lice. Pesticide free care eliminates concerns about toxins or chemicals. Read the treatment policy for services in the unlikely event family members treated by the removal clinics service get it from school. It’s amazing.

  • lice treatment service

specialist help parents, the same day treatment.

  • treatments

Performed for resistant lice. Contact the best lice clinics pearland, which help families and are friendly, book now, guidance toward success and no toxins. Lice clinic specialists get you lice free. Read the blog for info on professional lice removal service options. Get cleared at treatment service locations in baytown, spring, dallas, katy, bellaire, woodlands, cypress, spring, and more. Read treatment reviews on yelp.

Treatment services with the airallé treatment. The airallé is a hot air device that might be effective treatment and easy. No pesticides. Book at many locations today for a single treatment. Pricing varies. Verify treatment service cleared and medical offers are effective for lice and lice eggs and can kill super lice. At home get guidance on our website where we put information for clients. Call if you find lice eggs or are worried how to kill super lice. Today on yelp pricing is easy for clients to look up.

Find out the treatment price before you book treatment in baytown. Effective lice care is affordable and lice facts from friendly experts is revolutionary treatment service clinics. A single airallé treatment pricing.

Serving cypress and baytown for at home treatment is proven to eliminates baytown pesticide free and book now, get cleared. Single adults can catch the bug. In the unlikely event the treatment.

doesn’t remove all bugs or removed all nits check the treatment policy and call now to try for treatment success. Yelp price kills serving, so don’t rely on yelp reviews for lice facts about treatment.

Houston TX Service Areas

Houston Neighborhoods we serve for Lice Treatment and Lice Removal

  • Lice Removal Acres Homes
  • Lice Treatment Addicks
  • Lice Removal Afton Oaks
  • Lice Treatment Aldine
  • Lice Removal Alief
  • Lice Treatment Almeda
  • Lice Removal Atascocita[6]
  • Lice Treatment Audubon Place
  • Lice Removal Avenida Houston
  • Lice Treatment Avondale East
  • Lice Removal Bay Forest
  • Lice Treatment Bay Glen
  • Lice Removal Bay Knoll
  • Lice Treatment Barrett Station
  • Lice Removal Bear Creek 1 & 2
  • Lice Treatment Binz
  • Lice Removal Blue Ridge
  • Lice Treatment Bordersville
  • Lice Removal Boulevard Oaks
  • Lice Treatment Braeburn
  • Lice Removal Braeswood Place
  • Lice Treatment Brays Oaks
  • Lice Removal Brentwood
  • Lice Treatment Briar Meadow
  • Lice Removal Briargrove
  • Lice Treatment Briargrove Park
  • Lice Removal Briarhills
  • Lice Treatment Briarmeadow
  • Lice Removal Broadacres
  • Lice Treatment Brooke Smith
  • Lice Removal Brookline
  • Lice Treatment Camden Park
  • Lice Removal Camino South
  • Lice Treatment Camp Logan
  • Lice Removal Candlelight Estates
  • Lice Treatment Candlelight Place
  • Lice Removal Carverdale
  • Lice Treatment Central City
  • Lice Removal Champion Forest
  • Lice Treatment Chasewood
  • Lice Removal Cherryhurst
  • Lice Treatment Chevy Chase
  • Lice Removal Chinatown
  • Lice Treatment City Park
  • Lice Removal CityCentre
  • Lice Treatment Clear Lake City
  • Lice Removal Clinton Park
  • Lice Treatment Cloverland
  • Lice Removal Cole Creek Manor
  • Lice Treatment Copperfield
  • Lice Removal Corinthian Pointe
  • Lice Treatment Cottage Grove
  • Lice Removal Courtlandt Place
  • Lice Treatment Crestwood / Glen Cove
  • Lice Removal Candlelight Forest West
  • Lice Treatment Denver Harbor
  • Lice Removal Downtown
  • Lice Treatment East Downtown
  • Lice Removal East End
  • Lice Treatment East Houston
  • Lice Removal Eastex / Jensen
  • Lice Treatment East Little York / Homestead
  • Lice Removal Eastwood
  • Lice Treatment Edgebrook
  • Lice Removal El Dorado / Oates Prairie
  • Lice Treatment Eldridge / West Oaks
  • Lice Removal Energy Corridor
  • Lice Treatment Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing
  • Lice Removal Fondren Southwest
  • Lice Treatment Fifth Ward
  • Lice Removal First Ward
  • Lice Treatment Forum Park
  • Lice Removal Fourth Ward
  • Lice Treatment Forest West / Pinemont
  • Lice Removal Forrest Lake
  • Lice Treatment Foster Place
  • Lice Removal Frenchtown
  • Lice Treatment Frostwood
  • Lice Removal Garden Oaks
  • Lice Treatment Garden Villas
  • Lice Removal Gaywood
  • Lice Treatment Genoa
  • Lice Removal Glenbrook Valley
  • Lice Treatment Glenshire
  • Lice Removal Golfcrest
  • Lice Treatment Greenfield Village
  • Lice Removal Greenspoint
  • Lice Treatment Greenway Plaza
  • Lice Removal Greenwood
  • Lice Treatment Gulfgate / Pine Valley
  • Lice Removal Gulfton
  • Lice Treatment Gulfway Terrace
  • Lice Removal Harrisburg
  • Lice Treatment Heather Glen
  • Lice Removal Herschellwood
  • Lice Treatment Hidden Valley
  • Lice Removal Highland Village
  • Lice Treatment Hillwood
  • Lice Removal Hiram Clarke
  • Lice Treatment Houston Gardens
  • Lice Removal Houston Heights
  • Lice Treatment Humble
  • Lice Removal Hunters Glen
  • Lice Treatment Hunters Point
  • Lice Removal Hunterwood
  • Lice Treatment Hyde Park
  • Lice Removal Idylwood
  • Lice Treatment Independence Heights
  • Lice Removal International District
  • Lice Treatment Inwood Forest
  • Lice Removal Ingrando Park
  • Lice Treatment Jeanetta
  • Lice Removal Kashmere Gardens
  • Lice Treatment Kingwood
  • Lice Removal Kleinbrook
  • Lice Treatment Knollwood Village
  • Lice Removal Lake Houston
  • Lice Treatment Lakes of Parkway
  • Lice Removal Lakewood
  • Lice Treatment Langwood
  • Lice Removal Larchmont
  • Lice Treatment Lawndale / Wayside
  • Lice Removal Lazybrook / Timbergrove
  • Lice Treatment Lindale Park
  • Lice Removal Link Valley
  • Lice Treatment Linkwood
  • Lice Removal Little Saigon
  • Lice Treatment Lincoln Greens
  • Lice Removal Lower Westheimer
  • Lice Treatment Magnolia Grove
  • Lice Removal Magnolia Park
  • Lice Treatment Mahatma Gandhi District
  • Lice Removal Manchester
  • Lice Treatment Maplewood
  • Lice Removal Maplewood South–North
  • Lice Treatment Marilyn Estates
  • Lice Removal Meadowcreek Village
  • Lice Treatment Memorial
  • Lice Removal Memorial Bend
  • Lice Treatment Memorial City
  • Lice Removal Memorial Park
  • Lice Treatment Meyerland
  • Lice Removal Midtown
  • Lice Treatment Montrose
  • Lice Removal Moonshine Hill
  • Lice Treatment Morningside Place
  • Lice Removal Museum District
  • Lice Treatment Museum Park
  • Lice Removal Mykawa
  • Lice Treatment Near Northside
  • Lice Removal Near Northwest
  • Lice Treatment Neartown
  • Lice Removal North Lindale
  • Lice Treatment Norhill
  • Lice Removal North Central
  • Lice Treatment North Shore
  • Lice Removal Northcliffe
  • Lice Treatment Northcliffe Manor
  • Lice Removal Northfield
  • Lice Treatment Northline
  • Lice Removal Northside
  • Lice Treatment Nottingham Forest
  • Lice Removal Nottingham West
  • Lice Treatment Oak Brook
  • Lice Removal Oak Estates
  • Lice Treatment Oak Forest
  • Lice Removal Oak Manor–University Woods
  • Lice Treatment Old Braeswood
  • Lice Removal Overbrook
  • Lice Treatment Paradise Valley
  • Lice Removal Park Place
  • Lice Treatment Parkway Villages
  • Lice Removal Pecan Park
  • Lice Treatment Pierce Junction
  • Lice Removal Pine Valley
  • Lice Treatment Pleasantville
  • Lice Removal Port Houston
  • Lice Treatment Ponderosa Forest
  • Lice Removal Prestonwood Forest
  • Lice Treatment Recreation Acres
  • Lice Removal Rice Military
  • Lice Treatment Rice Village
  • Lice Removal Richmond Strip
  • Lice Treatment Ridgegate
  • Lice Removal Ridgemont
  • Lice Treatment River Oaks
  • Lice Removal Rivercrest Estates
  • Lice Treatment Riverside Terrace
  • Lice Removal Robindell
  • Lice Treatment Royal Oaks Country Club
  • Lice Removal Sagemont
  • Lice Treatment Scenic Woods
  • Lice Removal Second Ward
  • Lice Treatment Settegast
  • Lice Removal Shady Acres
  • Lice Treatment Shadyside
  • Lice Removal Sharpstown
  • Lice Treatment Shenandoah
  • Lice Removal Shepherd Park Plaza
  • Lice Treatment Sherwood Forest
  • Lice Removal Sherwood Oaks
  • Lice Treatment Sixth Ward
  • Lice Removal Somerset Green
  • Lice Treatment South Acres
  • Lice Removal South Bank
  • Lice Treatment South Main
  • Lice Removal South Park
  • Lice Treatment South Union
  • Lice Removal Southcrest
  • Lice Treatment Southampton
  • Lice Removal Southbelt / Ellington
  • Lice Treatment Southgate
  • Lice Removal Southwest
  • Lice Treatment Spring Branch
  • Lice Removal Spring Lakes
  • Lice Treatment St. George Place
  • Lice Removal Sugar Valley
  • Lice Treatment Sunnyside
  • Lice Removal Sunset Terrace / Montclair
  • Lice Treatment Tanglewood
  • Lice Removal Tanglewilde
  • Lice Treatment Third Ward
  • Lice Removal Timbergrove Manor
  • Lice Treatment University Oaks
  • Lice Removal Upper Kirby
  • Lice Treatment Uptown
  • Lice Removal Village at Glen Iris
  • Lice Treatment Walnut Bend
  • Lice Removal Washington Avenue
  • Lice Treatment Washington Terrace
  • Lice Removal West Eleventh Place
  • Lice Treatment West End
  • Lice Removal West Oaks
  • Lice Treatment Westbury
  • Lice Removal Westmoreland
  • Lice Treatment Westmoreland Farms
  • Lice Removal Westwood
  • Lice Treatment Willow Meadows
  • Lice Removal Willowbend
  • Lice Treatment Willowbrook
  • Lice Removal Willowick Place
  • Lice Treatment Willowood
  • Lice Removal Windemere
  • Lice Treatment Windsor Village
  • Lice Removal Woodland Heights
  • Lice Treatment Woodland Trails
  • Lice Removal Woodshire
  • Lice Treatment Woodside
  • Lice Removal Wrenwood
  • Lice Treatment Yellowstone
  • Lice Removal Yorkshire
  • Lice Treatment Yorkwood