Best lice removal. Total lice elimination and prevention, nits removal. Fast remove head lice. Complete lice removed. Get help removing hair lice. Safe combing for removing lice. No home remedies, OTC, or physician needed.
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Lice Removal

We remove lice from your life for good.

head lice removal

Effective, health-safe lice removal

We’ve refined lice removal down to only what’s proven to work. Manual lice removal using a professional quality lice comb and the combing method we’ve developed after years of work.

No pesticides, devices, aftercare, or second appointments.

No home remedies, prescriptions, or devices get rid of lice in a single session, which means you remain contagious and able to spread them.

We get rid of all lice, super lice, and viable nits in a single session.

Once we’re done, you’re done with head lice.

Get back to work, school, daycare, or just enjoy life without having to worry about head lice.

Lice removal

Lice treatment and  lice removal and prevention, and all nits eliminated in Clackamas, Portland Oregon, Beaverton Oregon, Seattle Washingon, and Vancouver Washington.
We’re the Experts!

Getting lice is not fun, but it’s one of those things that can happen to anyone and usually does every couple of years, especially to your child during schooling. Fortunately there are no risks of disease, since lice don’t carry any diseases.  However, they do spread through brushes and combs.

If you need lice removal, it’s important to find the right service to do the job right and make sure they use safe products that won’t cause further damage to your hair or scalp. Here at Lice Charmers, we have over 10 years of lice treatment experience in the field and employ only the best lice removal specialists who use only the safest and most effective lice removal to remove lice and perform lice elimination techniques on the market.

Having head lice removal done can be stressful

Not only are they embarrassing, but they can also be difficult to get rid of. You might have tried removing them yourself, but found that the lice keep coming back. That’s because lice are experts at hiding and reproducing, and over-the-counter treatments are often ineffective. The good news is that we know how to eliminate lice once and for all. Our professional lice removal service will quickly and effectively remove lice, all of the lice, from your head, so you can get back to your life. Don’t wait for effective lice treatment.

No one wants to get it, but they need lice removal and lice treatment

No one wants to get lice, but sometimes it’s inevitable. If you find yourself with an infestation, don’t worry! We’re the experts when it comes to lice elimination and lice treatment. Some products use unsafe ingredients and home remedies using mayo are unreliable. Days after you treat a case of head lice, you may think you have dandruff, but it’s the allergic reaction from head lice. And mayo can’t treat an infestation completely. So, rinse the mayo off you head and set that first treatment aside and take a shower.

Let our lice removal take care of you

If you’ve got lice, you need a professional lice removal service for lice treatment. That’s where we come in! We’ll take care of everything for you so that you can get back to your life. Our experienced team will remove all of the lice and nits from your head, and we’ll make sure that they don’t come back. Call us today and let us help you get rid of those pesky critters!

What we do & how we do lice removal

At Lice Charmers, we know how to remove lice to get rid of lice fast. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and have treated thousands of clients. Our lice treatment process is simple and effective: we screen for lice, remove them manually, and then treat the area to prevent re-infestation. We also provide lice treatment education on how to avoid getting lice in the future. Removing lice is easy when you hire a professional.

Why our lice removal service works so well

Our lice removal service is the best in the business because we use a two-step process that is guaranteed to remove all lice and eggs from your head. First, we use a fine-toothed lice treatment comb to remove any visible lice. Then, we treat your hair with an enzyme-based spray that kills any remaining lice and eggs. Our service is quick, painless, and effective – plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on lice treatment!

Often months go by of trying head lice treatment from the pharmacy or amazon brand. A mom might trying taking her  child to the physician to get a topical treatment shampoo or over-the-counter prescription medicine or other types of medication to try to interrupt the lice life cycle, but that won’t treat the infestation completely. Especially, not the eggs. When the lice are in the eggs they are safe from most toxic products and prescriptions you can get OTC and definitely from home remedies you spread on the hair. Head lice are extremely resistant to anything but good lice combs and that’s the health safe option anyway, so try it out on the problem.

Our lice removal prices & packages

At-home lice removal can be a daunting task. Leave it to the lice treatment experts! Our prices are affordable and our packages are designed to fit your needs.

Contact Us for Lice Removal

If you suspect you or your child has lice, don’t wait. Call us today and we’ll send a technician to your home to perform quick and thorough lice removal and lice treatment.

Removal of all head lice and treatment of nits at a lice clinic or mobile in-home appointment.

Head lice is a common issue that frequently affects people of all ages, particularly school-aged children. Despite not being carriers of diseases, these tiny parasites can cause discomfort and social stigma. The lice lifecycle includes eggs, nymphs, and adults, all of which can inhabit the scalp and hair. One effective treatment for lice is pyrethrin, a substance derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It kills lice by attacking their nervous systems, and is often used in over-the-counter lice treatments.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved various treatments for head lice, including natroba and malathion. Natroba, a newer option, has proven effective in various age groups with a simple application procedure. Malathion, an older remedy, is an oil-based product derived from chrysanthemums. However, it’s important to note that malathion is flammable, so caution should be exercised during its application.

Treatment typically involves a few key steps. First, apply the chosen product to the scalp, following the section-by-section procedure outlined in the instructions. This ensures that the entire scalp is covered and the product can effectively reach the lice and their eggs. After the application, it’s crucial to comb out the hair to remove dead lice and nymphs. Some people also use home remedies like mayonnaise, although their effectiveness is less scientifically proven.

Beyond treating the scalp, it’s also important to consider the environment. Lice can survive on furniture and hair accessories for short periods, so these items should be cleaned thoroughly. Washing items in hot water or sealing them in bags for a few months can help ensure that any lingering lice are eradicated.

Overall, dealing with head lice can be a sore and tedious process, but with the right information and treatment options, it can be managed effectively. Remember, head lice are a common issue and seeking treatment is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Head lice treatment without a physician or with unreliable home remedies.

No essential oils, topical pesticides. Just professional lice combs and skill get the treatment done and the infestation gone.

During our lice removal we solve the problem and all the lice die. Not days after, but same day.

Dandruff is frequently mistaken for nits or a case of hair lice.

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Top Lice Removal and Nits Removing:

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Best lice removal, treatment, and lice elimination for removing nits and the problem infestation today for you and your child.

Common Terms Related to Lice Removal:

  • 1. Lice – Lice infest human hair, causing itching.
    2. Nits – Nits are lice eggs, often found attached to hair strands.
    3. Home remedies – Home remedies for lice include using natural ingredients like vinegar.
    4. Prevention – Prevention of lice involves regular hair checks and avoiding head-to-head contact.
    5. Hair – Hair provides a habitat for head lice to live and breed.
    6. Head lice – Head lice are parasites that infest the scalp and hair of humans.
    7. Physician – A physician can diagnose and recommend treatments for lice infestations.
    8. OTC – OTC (over-the-counter) lice treatments are available without a prescription.
    9. Essential oils – Essential oils, like tea tree oil, are sometimes used to treat lice.
    10. Topical – Topical treatments for lice are applied directly to the scalp and hair.
    11. Combs – Special combs are used to remove lice and nits from the hair.
    12. Treatment – Treatment of lice typically involves medicated shampoos or lotions.
    13. Child – A child is more likely to get lice due to close contact with others at school.
    14. Clackamas – Clackamas, Oregon, may have local resources for lice treatment.
    15. Oregon – In Oregon, lice infestations are a common issue in schools.
    16. Portland – Portland, Oregon, offers various clinics for lice treatment.
    17. Shampoo – Lice-killing shampoo is a common treatment for head lice.
    18. Health – Maintaining good scalp health can help prevent lice infestations.
    19. Over-the-counter – Over-the-counter lice treatments are widely available at pharmacies.
    20. Mobile – Mobile apps can provide information about lice treatment and prevention.
    21. Prescription medications – Prescription medications for lice may be necessary for severe infestations.
    22. Medications – Medications for lice include both topical and oral treatments.
    23. Medication – Lice medication is designed to kill lice and sometimes their eggs.
    24. Machine – Special machines can be used to dehydrate and kill head lice.
    25. Psoriasis – Psoriasis on the scalp can be mistaken for head lice symptoms.
    26. Clothing – Lice can sometimes be found on clothing, particularly around the collar and sleeves.
    27. Life cycle – Understanding the life cycle of lice is important for effective treatment.
    28. Brand – Certain brands specialize in lice treatment products.
    29. Apps – Apps are available to help identify and treat head lice.
    30. Lice infestation – A lice infestation is characterized by itching and visible lice or nits.
    31. Symptoms – Symptoms of lice include itching and visible nits in the hair.
    32. Cure – A cure for lice involves killing the lice and removing all nits.
    33. Vancouver – Vancouver, Washington, may have clinics specializing in lice treatment.
    34. Safety – Safety is important when choosing lice treatments, especially for children.
    35. Skin – Lice bites can cause redness and irritation on the scalp skin.
    36. Diagnosis – Diagnosis of lice is usually made by visual inspection of the hair and scalp.
    37. Comb – A fine-toothed comb is used to remove nits from the hair.
    38. Lice treatments – Lice treatments vary from natural remedies to chemical shampoos.
    39. Amazon – Amazon sells a variety of lice treatment products and combs.
    40. Pharmacy – Pharmacies offer both OTC and prescription lice treatment options.
    41. Lifestyle – A lifestyle involving close contact with others can increase lice risk.
    42. Chemicals – Some lice treatments contain chemicals to kill the lice and nits.
    43. Mayo Clinic – The Mayo Clinic provides information and guidance on lice treatment.
    44. Eggs – Lice eggs, or nits, are tiny and attach firmly to hair strands.
    45. Advertisement – Advertisements for lice treatment products are common in parenting magazines.
    46. COVID-19 – During the COVID-19 pandemic, lice infestations decreased due to social distancing.
    47. Clinic – Clinics offer professional services for lice treatment and removal.
    48. CDC – The CDC provides guidelines for the treatment and prevention of lice.
    49. Lice treatment – Lice treatment involves using specific products to kill lice and remove nits.
    50. Prescription medicine – Prescription medicine for lice may be needed for resistant strains.
    51. Description – A description of lice includes small, wingless insects that feed on human blood.
    52. Customer service – Good customer service is essential for businesses selling lice treatment products.
    53. Clackamas County – Clackamas County in Oregon may have specific protocols for managing lice in schools.
    54. The United States – In the United States, lice infestations are a common issue in schools.
    55. Dermatologist – Provide treatment for skin conditions and can identify head lice infestations and suggest lice removal options.

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