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Lice charmers was fantastic. Both Alexis and Connor were so helpful, kind, and professional. The visit was quick, easy, inexpensive, and most importantly -...
Helpful, professional, and reliable. So grateful for this service!
Love the attention to detail and how well she worked. My kiddo enjoyed the attention she received. Just an awesome group. Can’t say enough good stuff.
If you ever have lice go to Lice Charmers! Emily was awesome. We had already done a treatment at home but weren't sure we got everything out of our daughter's head. She found 3 bugs that we either missed or that had hatched since the home... treatment. She was extremely thorough. Highly recommend!!read more
Emily was so helpful. Made me feel right at ease and made me smile throughout the process. This is a service you hope not to have to use often but if in fact I get another case of head lice, they’d be the first to call. Great communication.... Responded quickly to my request etc. Thank you again! Will be sure to tell others about more
Everything was super easy and everyone was so helpful. Would highly recommend this place!
Lice Charmers did a great job removing all lice and left us with an action plan. Best money spent to give our family a peace of mind. Quick, efficient and personable.
Emily was fantastic! She was very personable and made us feel comfortable. Service was thorough and really gave me peace of mind. Definitely recommend this place if you ever have to deal with those nasty little bugs!
Fluid experience from start to finish. Lots of tips and good experience while getting treatment. My 14 year old actually had an enjoyable experience and thought the person was “really sweet.” . Highly recommend Lice Charmers!
Emily was awesome and was able to rid my daughter of all the lice. She was extremely knowledgeable and helped me know what to do to clean out the house!Thanks Emily and Lice Charmers!
Great, friendly service and exactly what we needed to get peace of mind we were rid of all the lice. Tried home treatment first, but she still caught a few of the nits we missed and did a a thorough check of everyone in the family. Totally worth it!
Alexis was fantastic. She was super patient with our daughter, who had a pretty nasty infestation. She also was very good at explaining to and educating us about these nasty little insects.
We tried lice treatments from the store but couldn't seem to get rid of it completely and it just kept coming back. Finally I called them for lice removal and that seems to have done the job. Thanks Lice Charmers!
We were visiting friends while out of town, literally across the country when we found lice in my hair. I panicked of course and my sweet husband calmly googled and found Lice Charmers. We called and Conor was so sweet and empathetic and was able to... get me in that very day. We met Lex at the office and she was so unbelievably nice. She calmed our (my) anxiety, we had great conversation and the appointment took about an hour, which was much quicker than we expected considering I have long and thick hair. This was pain free, relaxing and honestly not as big of a deal and I thought it was going to be.This service was well worth the money we spent. Thank you!read more
This was our first head lice experience with our child. Lex, and Lice Charmers came the same day we called and quickly helped reassure us that once she left we would all be lice free. I particularly appreciated the 30 day guarantee. Lice Charmers... willingness to help guide us on best practices for what we needed to take care of in our home to ensure we wouldn't be reinfected was also such a help. Thanks so much Lice Charmers!read more




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Need Professional Head Lice Treatment Service Near Me?

In-home professional lice treatment is a great option for families in Sherwood, Oregon with busy schedules or children with special needs that might find hours of treatment in a public facility stressful. We specialize in getting rid of head lice in one appointment with no aftercare or product purchases required. Our dedicated lice technicians accomplish this by being able to offer full attention to your family’s treatment without interruptions from other clients, phones, or coworkers.

Mobile, In-Home, Head Lice Removal Clinic

Lice removal options may seem few and far between in Sherwood, OR. The most accessible options are the products found in many drugstores, which can help control but not reliably defeat a super lice infestation. Searching for “lice treatments near me” will show the availability for these products, but you are more likely to find service by searching for lice removal in your area. Professional in-home treatment can save hours of time driving and sitting in a clinic waiting for everyone’s treatment to finish. The time required will vary depending on the severity of the infestation, but most take on average one hour for women and 30-45 minutes for men. Call to get a more accurate estimate for your circumstances.

Sherwood, Oregon

Sherwood is an Oregon city with a name reminiscent of Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood and his Merry Men dwelled. However, it was actually named after the hometown of an influential local businessman named Robert Alexander, which is Sherwood, Michigan. Its original name, Smockville, was derived from founders James Christopher and Mary Ellen Smock, but Alexander changed its name in 1891.

In 1893, two years after it got its current moniker, Sherwood underwent incorporation as a town. There were only 350 inhabitants within the one square mile city limit back in 1911. Sherwood then grew geographically by 4.5 square miles. The 2010 population density was 4,221 residents per square mile. According to the 2010 national census, there are 4,875 families, 6,316 households, and 18,194 citizens residing in Sherwood.

In terms of racial makeup, it was 0.3% Pacific Islander, 3.5% Asian, 0.5% Native American, 0.8% African American and 88.5% Caucasian. There was also 3.7% and 2.7% from different races, and about 7% of the population was Latino or Hispanic.

The area used to be the home of the Kalapuya Nation, specifically the Atfalati Tribe. Due to the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 to 1855, all these natives were relocated to various reservations to allow only individuals with American citizenship to acquire land ownership.

You also have loads of touristy destinations and activities to look forward to when you visit Sherwood as a tourist. There is Hawks View Winery, where you can go on wine tours, and enjoy the views and tastings. You can get more of the same with Ponzi Vineyards, but this time a local vineyard that supplies their grapes for wine production. The Stella Olsen Memorial Park serves as Sherwood’s
signature city park. Finally, relax while walking trails and bio-diverse nature preserve of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.


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