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Lice! The word itself sends shivers down the spines of parents everywhere. Just hearing about it can make you itchy.

Treatment involves multiple methods for removing head lice parasites from human hair. The most common and conventional therapies have been the pesticide-based solutions that target the tiny bugs and their eggs. However, lice have developed resistance to these treatments. Other treatments include nit and lice combs and home remedies of least effectiveness. A new treatment has come into the limelight that uses hot air to eradicate lice.

Effectiveness of hot air treatment for elimination of lice

Different techniques of using hot air treatment include: a bonnet-style hair dryer, a wall-mounted dryer, a handheld blow-dryer, a custom-built high-volume, hot-air blower.

The lice device was specifically created to dehydrate lice through heated air. It has a flexible hose through which warm air is blown. It also has a rake-like head piece at the end. It kills lice and nits not by burning, but by drying them out. However, this hot air lice clinic treatment has some shortcomings.

Downsides of the treatment

· Treatment with the device is only guaranteed for the most expensive lice treatment option.

· The hot air treatment method is sufficient to kill most live bugs. However, this method does not kill all nits, and they require lice removal with a comb. Any heat treatment method requires combing afterward.

· Some studies have proved that hot air treatments do not result in 100% mortality, and the only study done on the airalle device was conducted by the company that owns the device and sell them.

· The high heat of the machine can make the scalp feel inflamed and painful to the touch.

· If hot air treatments requires combing, why not just do combing?


In summary, this treatment is quite safe as no chemicals are used, and it is highly unlikely that lice will develop resistance. However, it has been found that the hot air treatment does not kill 100 percent of lice and eggs. It is possible that some lice or eggs may have escaped treatment or may not have been killed during the procedure. If so, there may be living lice, and viable eggs still present in the client’s hair after the treatment.

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