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Can Urgent Care treat lice?2020-06-12T16:07:56-07:00

Can urgent care treat lice?

They can provide prescription treatments that have some effectiveness, but may not eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, no prescription treatment kills all lice and nits.
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Do salons get rid of lice?2020-06-12T16:08:29-07:00

Do salons get rid of lice?

Regular hair salons do not get rid of lice. Lice salons will get rid of them.
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What is a Lice Clinic?2020-06-12T16:17:49-07:00

What is a Lice Clinic?

A lice clinic is a treatment center for human head lice. Treatment methods, costs, and guarantees vary from clinic to clinic.


Does Lice Clinics of America take insurance?2020-06-12T16:16:41-07:00

Does Lice Clinics of America take insurance?

Lice Clinics and Insurance

Most health insurance providers do not cover head lice treatment. Check with yours for details.

However, many HSAs (health savings accounts) and FSAs (flexible savings accounts) will reimburse for head lice treatment expenses.

How much do Lice Clinics of America cost?2020-06-12T16:15:50-07:00

How much do Lice Clinics of America cost?

To Own a Franchise

$42,000 fee for a lice clinics of america franchise territory.

There is a fee for every treatment that is collected by the franchising company.

$64,400 – $104,500 total cost to get a clinic up and running. includes fee, lease, material, and other costs.

Treatment Cost

$195 for full hot air treatment that is guaranteed.

$165 for express hot air treatment that is not guaranteed.

$95/hr for combing and $100/hr after the first hour.

Costs may vary from location to location.

How much does Lice Clinic cost?2020-06-12T16:14:47-07:00

How much does Lice Clinic cost?

Treatment at Lice Charmers Lice Clinic

We charge for only as much work as needed, so you don’t pay the same for someone with a buzz cut as for thick, long hair.

Treatments range from $45-149+ depending on hair length, thickness, and severity of the infestation.

Treatment cost at a retail Lice Clinic of America franchise. Prices are as listed on their website.

  1. $195 per person with lice for hot air treatment with a guarantee.
  2. $165 per person with lice for hot air treatment with no guarantee.
  3. $95 per hour for comb out with no guarantee.
  4. $40-100 per treatment for a do-it-yourself kit.
  5. $25 for a lice check with no treatment or $15 if someone in your family is treated. Cost is waived for a person if a hot air treatment is purchased.


Lice Charmers has head Lice Removal options for families in need. Lice Charmers does Lice Treatment that is fast efficient and guaranteed. Lice Charmers is a Lice Clinic for professional treatment of lice, super lice, and nits in a single appointment.

Lice Charmers - Lice Treatment Portland OregonExcellentLice Charmers - Lice Treatment Portland Oregon5.0 Based on 239 reviews fromSee all reviewsMary Rae MollerMary Rae Moller ★★★★★ Melanie was very professional and was extremely efficient. We did home care first and went to get checked to ensure we got it all. She was very friendly and made the whole experience pleasant. We would highly recommend this service and Melanie!David PetersonDavid Peterson ★★★★★ Quick service and helpful staffNicole ThomasNicole Thomas ★★★★★ Well worth the price for a peace of my mind! They were efficient and very informative.Amber KentAmber Kent ★★★★★ We had such a great experience. We were a big job with 5 kids and one parent but Melanie was amazing and had exceptional customer service. She answered all our questions patiently and worked fast and efficiently. She was super knowledgeable and helped put my mind at ease.Jenny ChapinJenny Chapin ★★★★★ She was wonderful. Very detailed and thorough job. Would definitely reccommend!James S (godofidea)James S (godofidea) ★★★★★ Melanie was kind, friendly, and efficient! I was able to get a same day appointment locally for a fair rate, and even with my thick hair she was able to do a lice check in just 30min (thankfully no treatment needed, I just needed confirmation that I was lice free before a trip). If I ever need lice care again, I know I'll be reaching out!James S (godofidea)James S (godofidea) ★★★★★ Melanie was kind, friendly, and efficient! I was able to get a same day appointment locally for a fair rate, and even with my thick hair she was able to do a lice check in just 30min (thankfully no treatment needed, I just needed confirmation that I was lice free before a trip). If I ever need lice care again, I know I'll be reaching out!Alicia ReeseAlicia Reese ★★★★★ Thorough and very informative. I hope we never need it again, but we’ll be back if we’re faced with this again. She’s excellent in every way. Highly recommend if you find your family in this cruddy situation.Rose NewberryRose Newberry ★★★★★ Kind, responsive, knowledgeable. Highly recommend!Heather WeiglerHeather Weigler ★★★★★ Lex made making an appointment super easy, and Melanie was gentle and understanding about how freaked out I was. She provided a lot of education and did a great job of making my middle schooler feel comfortable and at ease. Great chairside manner with both kids and adults! I recommend this place.Priscila RosalesPriscila Rosales ★★★★★ Great service! She was super nice and understanding.Shondra CulpepperShondra Culpepper ★★★★★ LIFESAVER!!!! I had been through lice before with my older kids when they were younger as there was an outbreak at their daycare. Well back then, about 14 years ago there were no lice clinics to take your kids to. Doing the treatment myself was a nightmare and not 100% effective.Fast forward to today, when my nine-year-old had been exposed to lice from a friend. I called the clinic to make an appointment for us to all get checked. My daughter had lice and immediately got treated by Lex. Lex was knowledgeable, kind and efficient! It made what could have been a terrible experience actually pleasant. To be able to go home 100% lice free is amazing and worth every penny. I never write reviews but I highly recommend Lice Charmers!!Esmeralda MartinezEsmeralda Martinez ★★★★★ This was the first time that I experienced with lice with my youngest daughter a feeling with stress but i found this professional head lice removal and the company is called Lice Charmers! She was very sufficient and she was able to help me right away! She was able to get me the appointment the same day! I am very happy with her work! Thank you Lice Charming for your help!savage 7ecneeksavage 7ecneek ★★★★★ Good work, let us know what she was doing, and the cleaning we needed after the treatment was donesarah martinsarah martin ★★★★★ Melanie was very kind, good company, and thorough. Would recommend to anyonejs_loader

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