Lice Removal Cost and Time

Head Lice Removal Cost & Time Required Lice removal times and costs vary depending on the thickness of your child’s hair, the treatment option you choose, and the severity of head lice infestation. But first, you should identify which family members have it to get the most accurate estimate. Symptoms of Head [...]

Lice Removal Devices

Head Lice Removal Devices When your child comes home from school, scratching her head, chances are she has a lice infestation. What do you do? You may be tempted to try once lice removal device after another, but you should do your research first and learn the pros and cons. 1.     LiceGuard RobiComb [...]

Quick Guide: Head Lice Removal

Quick Guide: Head Lice Removal Facts and general information about head lice removal: diagnosis, treatment methods, and cost. I.     Introduction Head lice are small insects that live on people's heads and feed on human blood. Head lice infestation is a widespread problem in children and causes concern among parents and childcare workers. However, [...]

Head Lice Removal: A Brief History

Head Lice Removal: A Brief History "Lice," this one word is enough to cause of itchiness all over our head. These microscopic insects roam around in our hair follicles like a stowaway on a ship, lay their eggs, suck our blood, and give us the most creepy and itchy feeling. Lice are so [...]

Lice Removal FAQ

Lice Treatment FAQ Up Next: A Quick Guide to Lice Removal Home In-Home Lice Removal One appointment and you're lice free! No devices, chemicals, products, or aftercare required. 503-505-6695 Book Now Call Text [...]