Lice Treatment Prescriptions

Prescription Lice Treatments Head lice infestations, also termed as nits or pediculosis capitis, is a common condition of tiny willow buds affecting the head scalp. The condition mostly affects pre-school children attending childcare, primary school children, and the household members of infested children. The number of cases of human pediculosis infestations has increased globally [...]

Lice Treatment Home Remedies

Lice Treatment Home Remedies Tea Tree Oil There is a lot of information online touting the effectiveness of tea tree oil for killing and repelling lice. A study by the School of Public Health found that though tea tree oil irritated head lice, it did not stop them from spreading or feeding. They [...]

Lice Treatment Services

All About Head Lice Treatment Services Head lice infestation is a widespread problem in for families and causes stress and anxiety among parents and childcare workers. The Center for Disease Control estimates that six to twelve million people are infected every year. It is most common among children ages three to ten [...]

Lice Treatment Guide

Guide to Head Lice Treatment Treating head lice has changed now that pesticide-resistant lice, or super lice, are commonplace. Twenty years ago, getting rid of lice was as simple as going down to the drugstore, getting a prescription for pesticide-based lice shampoo, and washing everyone's hair. Now, there are a variety of [...]

Lice Treatment FAQ

Lice Treatment FAQ Frequently asked questions about head lice treatment. Next Up: Guide to Lice Treatments Home Resources Johns Hopkins CDC Mayo Clinic Harvard: Health Make An Appointment Effective, private, and affordable treatment in the comfort of home. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT [...]